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Monday, May 27, 2013

a little bit of a strange experience

This weeks report. Just teaching these awesome people that have baptismal dates. Elder Giddings and I found this pretty cool guy named Leon and he invited us into his house with his mother and sisters. One of the girls thought she knew a lot but we taught them a lot, in a respectful manner and it was amazing to see how much they learned. A few of them cared at first about what we had to say but by the end they ALL were really intensely listening. I can tell they want to progress. Yesterday however was a little disheartening. We went and talked to a person of a religion that I won't name, due to my respect for all religions, and he threw some anti Mormon stuff at us but Elder Giddings and I held onto what I believe. He went on to tell us science proves the Bible true and nothing proves Mormonism true. We did raise a lot of good points to him but it was sad to see that his faith only relies on science as a back up. I am proud to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and know that it is true. I know that it has doctrines in it that will help us to return to our Heavenly Father. I know that what I feel now for the church is true and what I have felt so many times in the past is undeniable and that the gospel has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and that we have a prophet here today to lead and guide us. I love finding people who want to know the truth and don't take the Book of Mormon to try and disprove it. I can tell with how many baptismal dates that we have it can't be just me who knows the church is true. I love seeing the change in people's lives. I currently have 7 baptismal dates and I am so excited to see how excited they are. A girl named Nandy has a baptismal date but her mom wants her to wait till 18 to be baptized, so it is a bummer but she is 18 in November so if anything that's how long we have to wait. She has a great testimony in the church and it is amazing to see! Next we have Eugene and Patricia. They have been living together for a long time but are unmarried. Guyana has the common law that considers them married but they need to be married to be baptized and they have been going to church for like over a year. Eugene is blind and his wife is close to being blind and is pretty shy. We are trying to set up the wedding and they are so excited! I see them at church every week! Then we have Yulanda and her kids who make up the rest of the baptismal dates. Her kids know so much about the church and are hilarious! I have to be honest at their age I probably didn't know what they know about our church. They are such a fun family to be around. One week we asked them questions and one of the kid's reply was "Doctrine and Covenants!" each time. Our lesson had nothing to do with that so it was a pretty good laugh. Also I had a little bit of a strange experience this past week. I do not mean this in a crude way at all just something I have noticed. We gave a blessing to an old lady who was bedridden and not a member nor was anyone in the family. One of her daughters was laying on the bed and had a son who was about 4 years old. All on the same bed as the bed ridden grandmother. They had a tv on and I looked at if for about a minute or so and looked back. Apparently I did not hear that the kid whom was 4 years old or seemed about that age wanted milk. I look back and . . . . . yah. Elder Giddings thought nothing of it because he is from this culture. I saw it and immediately looked around the room so she didn't think I stared at her. Elder Giddings laughed so much and said it won't be my only time that happens. I hear that in Guyana (Respect to it's name and country) women don't cover up when feeding. I am glad to see people in the states go into another room or use a blanket because it was not awkward for her or my companion but oh boy was it awkward for me. This place reminds me of Resident Evil 5 (not that it's evil, just that it's jungle - I don't think he's seen any zombies yet either) Anyways the work out here for bringing others unto Christ is going great!

Until next week,
-Elder Brown

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