YOLO= you only live once (Jenni's contribution to the name of this blog) Elder Brown is only living once (for 2 years) in the beautiful West Indies, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the good people there.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Every Little Thing Is Going To Be Alright

Feb 24 at 12:18 PM
Well this week started alright and I felt a little earthquake and I guess it hit a few times. Wasn't anything major but now I can say I have felt one and it's kinda cool! Lately I have been listening to Beethoven and other classical music and it really does make you feel really smart. I really like classical! This week about all week has been really tough. Tuesday was actually a normal day and then Wednesday on just dragged on. Tons of appointments fell through and people we enjoyed teaching just told us they were not interested. It has been really hard on us. We asked why this is happening to us. I believe that it has to happen at least once a transfer where you get a poop week and this was that week. We do have 2 really good investigators and we extended a date for one of them for March 22nd. She seems really excited so please pray for her. Her name is Jean and she is awesome! We had this big awesome celebration for the 25 years the mission has been in the West Indies. Tons of singing and it was great! On Saturday being another hard day someone was playing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and it made me think about the week. Things happen and plans fall through. Satan is going to work hard on us but we just got to remember "Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright." That made my week much better. We are going to find in some new areas and just know this week will be better. After a poop week comes a great week. I have kept my faith about that. Just keep the faith and everything will go good. Got to love that Bob Marley but he is not a prophet. Not much left to say but have a good week!

-Elder Brown

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it hasn't felt much like Valentines Day for me or does ever really being single. That's fine though because family always send great packages! Wisdom of the week comes from one of our investigators that got it from some pastor. "Better go to church with a few sinners than go to Hell with all the sinners." I guess I could agree with that. This week has been fun and interesting. Elder Dye and I have been walking around and picking up empty bottles. They are actually worthy money! People here will wear shirts until they are worn out. Some drunk came up to us and I asked what happened to the back of his polo and it was so torn up. "A bear attacked me!" I had no idea that bears were on the island. They actually aren't any though. Another man we contacted who was actually sober was talking with us about prophets and he said some great material for this week. "When Noah built the ark he warned all the people to get on and they didn't believe him. The rain started to fall and God closed the door on the ark and the people yelled. NOAH STOP THIS STUPIDNESS! But it was God who closed the door." We got to go to an awesome baptism in Caliqua who the Sisters taught. It was an ocean baptism and I almost got to be a witness which means you get to walk right out into the water but the other Elders beat me to it. I found a crab there in the shallow water and tried to grab it but it kept pinching me and all the missionaries kept laughing and then we had testimonies on the beach while my hand bled a bit. I am usually the comic relief of the zone. Overall a pretty good week. I am out of Green Grass Valley riddles so I will come up with one next week.

Also I am glad to hear about my new niece Blaire! I can't believe she will be just over a year old when I get home!

Have a great week!

-Elder Brown

Monday, February 10, 2014

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Well not to much going on this week. Just a nice P-Day at an internet cafe getting my email done so we can shop and go home do laundry and enjoy the rest of our P-Day with rest. This week we had no investigators at church except for one guy named Kenrick. He is a cool teenager and missionaries in the past have tried to help him get baptised but he is just coming to church really. We have a few people like that that we want to get dedicated to the point of baptism. But they just won't do anything about it for some odd reason. People here are really funny because they always seem to say they can't fast but on fast Sunday they bring the most food ever! Elder Dye said: "I am diabetic but I need to eat my CHEESE PUFFS!" Also somewhat a nice plus to our week would have to be that we found $20 in our community washing machine. It happened twice so we got $40! Overall a funny week with our buddy Grandfather Black. Elder Dye and I always call him that but I guess his name is Simon Junior but he told Elder Dye that when he calls him Grandfather Black that he can see Christ in him. Kind of a funny thing to hear from a Rasta buddy. He took us to one of our other Rasta buddies bar that sells soda and he thought that if we took him in there we would buy him a soda but Brently our rasta buddy gave us 2 free sodas and Grandfather Black told us in his crazy voice "This is so embarrassing! I bring you here and you don't get me a drink." Elder Dye gave him the rest of his drink. One investigator has been having migraines and her son would come out to us and say she is having migrations. We always had to ask him where she is migrating to but he did not understand at all. One last guy we thought was good to teach and had lots of interest went out to buy pot just before we taught him so it was a big bummer so we left him with a Word of Wisdom tract hoping he will call us sometime. Last story would be that yesterday we got in a bus and they were playing some really offensive music that had such crude words and people in the van sang along. I felt like I should have stood up and told them to change it but I didn't. We got off later and I made it a vow to myself that next time that happens I am going to stand up and let them know it is offensive and they should change it. On our way back home two ladies from some African religion kept yelling Joseph Smith to us in the bus and I turned around and said "Yeah! He was a good prophet!" I feel like I want to apply Romans 1:16 to my life more. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

Me and Elder Dye will be together for another transfer! My first combo breaker. Every transfer I have gotten a new companion but this should be interesting.

In Green Grass Valley there are feet but no toes

-Elder Brown

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steadfast & Immovable as big ocean rocks

People still think that we are prideful just because we are American but I just keep making friends with them. The things they think about America though. They always tell us that they have lived in St. Vincent and London and New York. Last week someone asked us if it snows in Florida because it only takes 4 hours to fly from New York to Florida so it should take that long for snow to get there. He even said Florida borders New York. Funny people. Also my asthma from a little kid catches up with me sometimes. Rastas always tell me that the Marijuana tea will get rid of that. A normal lady even said that if you boil the root that it really helps. One Rasta was shocked that I replied no to "Your daddy never boiled Marijuana for you?" One drunk guy told us that we are missionaries and then missing-naries and then mercenaries. Oh boy how they slur their words. One man did not understand our purpose here at all. We said we are here to spread the gospel and he said that we need to know things about America such as which state is the sunshine state. I told him it was Arizona where I am from and he snapped and said it was Florida. This guy thought he was sophisticated too. One lady who does not like us saw my companion's American flag bandana that they sell here and said "Oh yeah that has 52 stars on it because you guys have 52 states." I didn't even correct her. It was too golden. I also saw a cool New York shirt and the lady said it was cool but that I am from America and not New York. People here are too funny. We still
get creepy people. I shook some normal girl's hand and she just started to feel my hand and compliment how soft it was. People are a little odd here sometimes. We also got a young girl named Yolanda to church on Sunday! Last time I met a Yolanda I baptized her. I think this will work out. We met with her and people always complain how buses don't come around on Sundays. We got a nice one before we even made it to the bus stop. We fasted to get more investigators at church and it has been working pretty good so far. The missionaries we share the church with who live in town invited 2 crazy ladies to fast and testimony meeting and they claim to be traveling pastors and they went up to bear testimony. One yelled and screamed and said Amen and Hallelujah every other word. I went up after her and bore my testimony. She got my blood pumping from how crazy she was. I went up and bore testimony about Mosiah 5:15 about being stead fast and immovable like the huge ocean rocks here. Also this morning we went to Bequay and had the best time ever! We held a bunch of turtles and I picked one up and put it close to my face and they will slap your hands but this one slapped my hard right in the face! None of the missionaries saw but I dropped him right back in the water. My face bled a little and it was so funny! We got some conch shells and I got one and nasty ooze stuff got on my pants and everyone complained about how bad I smelled from it. It was such a fun day though! We saw tons of French ladies in Bequay (It's a Grenadine island owned by the French) They were pretty good looking. I want to go there some day for a honeymoon or something. They also had a can of Dr. Pepper and I got it with some Curry and Roti! Best Lunch Ever!
In Green Grass Valley it is always sunny. There are no clouds.
-Elder Brown