YOLO= you only live once (Jenni's contribution to the name of this blog) Elder Brown is only living once (for 2 years) in the beautiful West Indies, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the good people there.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

White Bird & Crazy Lady

Well this week was alright. People were having Easter hangovers and just not wanting to meet with us. My temper was a bit higher this week but I kept it cool. It's been a tough week but we are hanging in there. Something that can pick up your day though is having your goofy neighbor singing really loud on Thursday morning. He sang about every single animated Disney movie song. Lion King to Little Mermaid. I love that guy and I am going to miss him if I have to leave. Not much to say this week but we were teaching one of our investigators who has not been to church in a while and she has a crazy mom. Our investigator is a Grandma and her mom is just a crazy great grandma who yells at us and says some words that would need to be censored. She always yells "Get the freak out of my yard you freaking white birds!" She adds a lot more words too. She actually came off of the porch and started walking with her cane. She never does that. We motivated her! She had a dull cutlass in her hand. Cutlass is a machete. She threatened us with is but couldn't get anywhere without holding onto something. We weren't too scared. She said some profound things. A few of them here: "White man come to shoot me!" "Don't look at me white bird!" Then I started speaking Spanish to her (The little that I know) and she got upset and started making up her own language. She had no teeth so she got mad at me when I would smile at her. We invited her granddaughter to be baptized (She is about 30) and then she told us that she wants so be baptized tomorrow. Crazy lady wanted to be baptized and her granddaughter said I need to hold her under water. They all tell her that she is crazy. We didn't baptize crazy grandma though. We shook hands with everyone as we left though and she stood off to the side with the cutlass and told us to shake her hand because she wanted to chop us. It was so funny. So we asked a lot of people how their vacation was to the islands for Good Friday and people gave into temptation. We asked people if they drank and they usually tell us "I drank a few bears. It's not as bad as rum." Rum as you all know is huge in the Caribbean. I also forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I saw a guy who looked really strange. I saw him at the super market. He looked like a strange Jim Carrey with blue hair. I saw him in Bequia last week with the same clothes and everything with a strange necklace thing. It's like a dog collar. Saturday was disheartening though. We had 5 fall appointments fall through. Back ups as well. It was really hard to keep cool about that. If you set up an appointment we expect you to call us if you cancel. Things have been tough but we are still working hard.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

True meaning of Easter

Well Easter out here is another reason to get wasted. Kinda a bummer. No one wanted to meet with us but we did get some appointments. When you walk up hill both ways through the sun to an appointment that falls through it can get a bit upsetting. We shrug it off though and keep working hard. We got a new phone and it has a camera on it! As a missionary that is about as cool as it gets. It is super sturdy too. You can drop it and it is fine. We put a picture of Elder Bingham and I acting like goobers as the background. I studied the Passover on Saturday morning and it is so cool to see how Christ has fulfilled that story to us. He truly was the great sacrifice! I am so grateful for him in my life. Easter here is a reason to get drunk now which is pretty sad. Many people have forgotten the true meaning behind it all. That was something that I truly had enjoyed about it. Forget about the big scary looking bunny. We had time to mess with crazy Rastas when appointments fell through and kept it brief though. Gideon is our buddy who says crazy things like that he want to Hell told us that his drunk cousin has issues. Easter was also on 4/20 but I actually think that is an American thing. No one here even mentions it. Everyone smokes pot out in the open anyways. It's pretty much legal here. Cop can go by and think nothing of it. I got a sweet package too! Thanks mom for the sunflower seeds, scripture tie, jerky, sweet journal, and marshmallows! I just wish someone could ship me some In N Out Burger. That shipping would be fast and expensive. Anyways Kenrick got the Aaronic Priesthood this week and is now a Priest! He really has stepped up and become a man! We are so proud of him. Also I finished these Jalapeno Sunflower seeds in a day with pretty much no help. Some Elders had a small amount but I loved them a lot! Also random observance I have not told anyone but the Caribbean doesn't really have carpet. All tile. Also we met with this one guy who would always curse at us and now he loves us. He is still kinda crazy but we got a picture with him throwing up gang signs and stuff. Not much left to say but we went to Bequai today and held turtles again! I loved it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The year mark, perfect week!


This week was just perfect! I hit my year mark, burned a shirt, baptized Kenrick, got the picture books for Doctrine and Covenants and the New Testament thus completing my collection. I got story books for Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. I had a strange dream the night I slept and was going to wake up on my year mark. I dreamed I was at home and my family was there at the church and everyone asked if I was ready to give my farewell talk. I said "Didn't I do this a year ago?" and then my mom told me that you come home for like a week at your year mark and kinda give a report on the work you have done. I felt weird going up there to give my talk in my dream. Being a missionary throughout this year really has made me change. Elder Bingham and I were talking about what we would do if we were released and had 3 days left on the island. We couldn't think of anything. Then it pops into our minds that swimming at the beach would be fun but that took a while. I am just used to being a missionary. If I was released right now what the heck would I do? Being a missionary is the best and I am sad to see that I have less than a year left. I am going to make it the best year ever! I feel like I am just a Caribbean and I love it. Not much to say but we had such a great week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference is the Best!

Gotta love that conference huh? We only got one investiagtor there and he is getting baptized this week! Kenrick is his name and he is just awesome! We are really excited for him! Sadly we did not get any more people there at the church for conference. We need to get more people progressing and coming to church. One man we talked to about conference called it "Prophet Weekend" I think that is such a great name for it. I would love to go to Prophet weekend. This past week we also visited Cerdia who we are trying to get her moved out from her boyfriend so she can get baptized. She has a crazy old mom. Cerdia is already a grandma so her mom is really old and stays in her house all the time and does not like us for some reason. She started to sing about us when we got there. "Look the devil here! Look the devil here!" She is one crazy old lady. Also another funny of the week: One of our members has a 1 year old son named Nephi so I asked him what he is going to name his next kid if he has one and he tells me he will name him 2nd Nephi. He also names his dogs Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna. I really liked one talk they gave in Priesthood session. It was by Elder Oaks and he talked about how men are not the Priesthood. In today's world we see things as people having some authority over us. They take Priesthood as pride which I try not to do. I really thought back to the Salt Lake City Temple and how they have the Beehive printed on the floor inside. I asked my brother Paul why they have that and he explained to me that with the Priesthood we are no higher than anyone else but are all equals. We just need to remember that. I liked Elder Bednar's talk too. Gotta get that load to get where we need to be. I am out of time but I hope to see emails from you all soon!