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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things get better

Well it's been another week and things get better. I try avoid saying "I love Guyana!" Because something tough usually happens the next day. I had a long day the other day as I had fallen into a trench and got wet up to past my knees and the wind blew against us that morning while riding bikes making us feel really slow. I sometimes forget stuff to write certain things and then realize I have to write them the next week. My companion is a pretty cool guy (Even though he likes Twilight. Or so I say he does.) He says Nikki Manaj is hotter than Katy Perry. Also I got to hold a monkey! Most people know I generally don't like country music but I just might have found some music that is even more annoying. Indian party music. We hear it a lot because they blast it out from the houses and clubs. I thought that was as bad as it gets but no. Too often I hear Nickelback play. Even here in Guyana they are plagued with Nickelback. One Elder in my district likes them. I make Nicholas Cage jokes too. I feel a lot more comfortable at church now and feel like I bond with the members and look forward to church. I miss my iPhone a ton though. Elder Giddings and I miss our good phones and I realize how convinent it would be to have it and be allowed to get on Facebook because I could just instantly share experiences. I gotta be honest I miss some video games and imagine myself playing them sometimes such as Zelda Majora's Mask. Which also reminds me, one of the two days I was in Trinidad I met this really cool guy named Brother Young who was about 20 years old. Now you probably ask how he came to the gospel. He was playing an online video game (He likes games) and some girl from Texas shared the gospel with him. Moral of the story: Video games are good!
Well I am about out of time so write you all next week!

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