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Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference is the Best!

Gotta love that conference huh? We only got one investiagtor there and he is getting baptized this week! Kenrick is his name and he is just awesome! We are really excited for him! Sadly we did not get any more people there at the church for conference. We need to get more people progressing and coming to church. One man we talked to about conference called it "Prophet Weekend" I think that is such a great name for it. I would love to go to Prophet weekend. This past week we also visited Cerdia who we are trying to get her moved out from her boyfriend so she can get baptized. She has a crazy old mom. Cerdia is already a grandma so her mom is really old and stays in her house all the time and does not like us for some reason. She started to sing about us when we got there. "Look the devil here! Look the devil here!" She is one crazy old lady. Also another funny of the week: One of our members has a 1 year old son named Nephi so I asked him what he is going to name his next kid if he has one and he tells me he will name him 2nd Nephi. He also names his dogs Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna. I really liked one talk they gave in Priesthood session. It was by Elder Oaks and he talked about how men are not the Priesthood. In today's world we see things as people having some authority over us. They take Priesthood as pride which I try not to do. I really thought back to the Salt Lake City Temple and how they have the Beehive printed on the floor inside. I asked my brother Paul why they have that and he explained to me that with the Priesthood we are no higher than anyone else but are all equals. We just need to remember that. I liked Elder Bednar's talk too. Gotta get that load to get where we need to be. I am out of time but I hope to see emails from you all soon!

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