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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

White Bird & Crazy Lady

Well this week was alright. People were having Easter hangovers and just not wanting to meet with us. My temper was a bit higher this week but I kept it cool. It's been a tough week but we are hanging in there. Something that can pick up your day though is having your goofy neighbor singing really loud on Thursday morning. He sang about every single animated Disney movie song. Lion King to Little Mermaid. I love that guy and I am going to miss him if I have to leave. Not much to say this week but we were teaching one of our investigators who has not been to church in a while and she has a crazy mom. Our investigator is a Grandma and her mom is just a crazy great grandma who yells at us and says some words that would need to be censored. She always yells "Get the freak out of my yard you freaking white birds!" She adds a lot more words too. She actually came off of the porch and started walking with her cane. She never does that. We motivated her! She had a dull cutlass in her hand. Cutlass is a machete. She threatened us with is but couldn't get anywhere without holding onto something. We weren't too scared. She said some profound things. A few of them here: "White man come to shoot me!" "Don't look at me white bird!" Then I started speaking Spanish to her (The little that I know) and she got upset and started making up her own language. She had no teeth so she got mad at me when I would smile at her. We invited her granddaughter to be baptized (She is about 30) and then she told us that she wants so be baptized tomorrow. Crazy lady wanted to be baptized and her granddaughter said I need to hold her under water. They all tell her that she is crazy. We didn't baptize crazy grandma though. We shook hands with everyone as we left though and she stood off to the side with the cutlass and told us to shake her hand because she wanted to chop us. It was so funny. So we asked a lot of people how their vacation was to the islands for Good Friday and people gave into temptation. We asked people if they drank and they usually tell us "I drank a few bears. It's not as bad as rum." Rum as you all know is huge in the Caribbean. I also forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I saw a guy who looked really strange. I saw him at the super market. He looked like a strange Jim Carrey with blue hair. I saw him in Bequia last week with the same clothes and everything with a strange necklace thing. It's like a dog collar. Saturday was disheartening though. We had 5 fall appointments fall through. Back ups as well. It was really hard to keep cool about that. If you set up an appointment we expect you to call us if you cancel. Things have been tough but we are still working hard.

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