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Saturday, April 26, 2014

True meaning of Easter

Well Easter out here is another reason to get wasted. Kinda a bummer. No one wanted to meet with us but we did get some appointments. When you walk up hill both ways through the sun to an appointment that falls through it can get a bit upsetting. We shrug it off though and keep working hard. We got a new phone and it has a camera on it! As a missionary that is about as cool as it gets. It is super sturdy too. You can drop it and it is fine. We put a picture of Elder Bingham and I acting like goobers as the background. I studied the Passover on Saturday morning and it is so cool to see how Christ has fulfilled that story to us. He truly was the great sacrifice! I am so grateful for him in my life. Easter here is a reason to get drunk now which is pretty sad. Many people have forgotten the true meaning behind it all. That was something that I truly had enjoyed about it. Forget about the big scary looking bunny. We had time to mess with crazy Rastas when appointments fell through and kept it brief though. Gideon is our buddy who says crazy things like that he want to Hell told us that his drunk cousin has issues. Easter was also on 4/20 but I actually think that is an American thing. No one here even mentions it. Everyone smokes pot out in the open anyways. It's pretty much legal here. Cop can go by and think nothing of it. I got a sweet package too! Thanks mom for the sunflower seeds, scripture tie, jerky, sweet journal, and marshmallows! I just wish someone could ship me some In N Out Burger. That shipping would be fast and expensive. Anyways Kenrick got the Aaronic Priesthood this week and is now a Priest! He really has stepped up and become a man! We are so proud of him. Also I finished these Jalapeno Sunflower seeds in a day with pretty much no help. Some Elders had a small amount but I loved them a lot! Also random observance I have not told anyone but the Caribbean doesn't really have carpet. All tile. Also we met with this one guy who would always curse at us and now he loves us. He is still kinda crazy but we got a picture with him throwing up gang signs and stuff. Not much left to say but we went to Bequai today and held turtles again! I loved it!

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