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Monday, August 11, 2014

Blessing of obedience

Elder Cox really seems to be understanding missionary work. He is a good hard worker. We had a really good experience this Wednesday. On Tuesday we had such a great day! We saw tons of people and were able to teach really well. Thursday we got distracted and I tried to make sure we got out teaching on time but we ended up getting out late. We had tons of appointments fall through and then we just had a nice chat about being obedient. When I was his age as a missionary I would probably have been giving attitude to my trainer but we just had a good talk about it and decided to work on that. The next day was another great day! We could definitely see the blessings from obedience. Elder Cox is awesome! We were running home a little late one night and missed the last van of the night and some really nice Muslim guy who doesn't even seem Muslim gave us a ride. It got Elder Cox a little more used to the culture so it was cool. It's good to see how many good people are in the world. He was really open minded too and wants to meet with us sometime. We also met some strange people this week as usual. I actually met my first Voodooist on my mission. I wonder why it took me this long to see one. He was kinda weird and asked us "You people say Jesus walked on water and call it the Priesthood but when I do it you call it black magic." I asked him if he could walk on water and he said he can't really do anything like that. The other Elders moved out of what is now our apartment and it feels so nice! Not as many messes to clean and we get to actually sleep on beds. The other Elders accidentally locked the bedroom door with the lights and ac on. We went to our land lady and she gave us tons of keys. Like 40 keys and I got it open on the 2nd key. I felt so good about that. Also we met some white people at KFC and they were from England and the guy served his mission here about 7 years ago. It's almost too bad they didn't pay for our meal. That's what people do right? I say that as a joke. I almost wanted to take them teaching but they were enjoying themselves on all the islands. He said he isn't going to visit Guyana but I kinda want to. That place is an adventure. Well anyways we had a great week. The weeks feel longer since Elder Cox is new but it is so fun knowing the Caribbean while he is trying to figure it all out. I hope I get to come here when I am married and be a Caribbean and let my wife figure it out. Have a great week!
Elder Kyle Joseph

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