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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kyle the Kerioki King

Well not much to talk about this week. We had a nice trade off and it was good to go up to Castries with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Contreras who I knew at the beginning of my mission and it was nice meeting up with him again. It was good to do that so I could blow off a little steam. Work has been tough lately. People curse at us just for walking by them. That literally happened as we came here to email. I am just not getting the friendliest welcomes. The mission president comes here next week to check out the area. It is going to be neat. I think he will go teaching with us which should be fun. I have never gotten to teach with him so I look forward to that. We had a fun kereoki activity where we got to bond with the branch. I think I still hold the title as "Kyle the Kerioki King". I sang pretty much everything. I sang some Katy Perry and James Blunt. Of course I sang Bob Marley. I got to sing my favorite one "Could You Be Loved". We even got the one Elder (Elder Fauchier) to sing! He would not do it for the longest time and then he sang some Imagine Dragons songs. I saw a Steelers football team big plane the other day too. I wonder if the team vacationed here. Well things are going tough and I am just going to keep working and see where it all goes from there. Sometimes it's like walking in the dark. Never know what to expect from here. Everyone here is getting sick so we gave like 7 blessings this week. One kid fell in a gutter and got cut to the bone in his leg. One of the sisters got Chicken Gonya and people are just getting sick all over. I hope I don't get sick soon. Not much more to say so I will email you all next week.

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