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Monday, August 4, 2014

Pokemon + New Comp + Funeral = Long full Week

It feels like this week just kinda took forever! Monday we went to Castries and hiked Pigeon Point. It was a really cool view. I will try to attach some pictures. I got some of those cheap Pokemon cards they have up in Castries. Everyone has a race to getting a Pikachu and I finally got mine! I was so excited! Elder Reyes opened that pack for me and I got a Mewtwo in it too. Us Elders just are kids still. All the missionaries get excited over that stuff. Tuesday we had a combined District meeting about working with the members. That can be a bit hard out here. We only have a few members work with us and everyone is always so busy or does not want to work with us. Wednesday we were back in Vieux Fort where we live and the day before right when we got home we heavy duty cleaned so that the new guy Elder Cox who is my companion will feel comfortable. Wednesday we got him almost late at night so we went to Chinese food with the Zone Leaders. Thursday we did weekly planning and he actually really enjoyed my Curry Thursday! No diarrhea or anything! I guess I am not a bad cook. He is a cool guy because I left my razor in Castries and he gave me this nice razor that he said he is not going to use. It has a vibrate power thing that is supposed to make the shave really good and I feel so smooth now. He also filled me up on Walking Dead! Sounds like that show is going good! On Thursday we went to a funeral of a nonmember who was the father of a member. He was really old so they expected it but the pastor went up and talked about demons and a bunch of crazy stuff. He said he isn't sure if the dead man is going to hell or not. It was pretty sad but yesterday our member bore her testimony about how he is in the Spirit World. It was really nice. Friday was supposed to be a big huge storm and it rained hard that morning for a few minutes but then they said be in by 3pm. I went out and the only wet I felt was my sweat! It was so hot the past few days! We came back home because in our area they had an Emancipation Day parade in town with a bunch of naked people parading down the street with Rasta. It was basically a black pride parade. Saturday we started our fast and we are fasting for this part member family that I love! They said the only thing holding them back (Mom and Dad that is) is being married. We fasted for them and are going to be working hard to get them baptized. We have set a goal for them for September 6. Sunday not many people were around. It was strange and I over ate after fasting so I had a belly pain. I gave some Pokemon cards to some kids that love us teaching them. I am not going to bribe them to get baptized don't worry haha. Also I had the strangest craving the other day. When I get home I want peach cobbler home made in the back yard with vanilla ice cream. That tickles my taste buds even typing that. Well that's about all!

See ya later!

Elder Cox, my new companion

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