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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#1 Week More!

Yes as you know this is my last full week. I will see you all soon. I baptized Crystal and it was really good! The spirit was there really strong and her grandparents went and loved it! We are going to work hard with her family and she even went teaching with us. One funny thing happened though. Crystal didn't come to her confirmation on Sunday because the bus she was on took a funny route so she was about to get there at 10 when sacrament meeting ends. We could have confirmed her after church but she wasn't there so we will do it next week at General Conference when a lot of people meet up in Georgetown. You probably are going to guess what I will do for my last week so here it is. I am going to go share the gospel with people are probably get fed a bit. When Saturday hits for conference I am pretty much done. Next Monday all the branches in the Georgetown District are coming together for a BBQ activity to save up for a Temple trip. Elder Glade and Elder Dearing and I will dress up to match each other and we will fly kites and enjoy ourselves a lot. Then we fly to Trinidad on Tuesday and lime the whole day (lime is Caribbean for hangout) and eat doubles and gyros and stuff. Get interviewed on Wednesday and fly out on Thursday. I will then pick up all my nieces and nephews and ask them what they did the last 2 years. It's going to be a fun week! I am loving it! Not much to say other than that.
Crystal's Baptism


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