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Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Hi Kyo"

Well almost immediately after my last email I met this Baptist lady as we went shopping for some fun stuff. She was white as me and I asked if she was a tourist. She has been here for her church for 19 years! I haven't even been here for 19 weeks. I traded tracts with one of her sons and it was pretty cool. But 19 years here in Guyana! It is funny how the old things that have died in America sell here a lot. Hannah Montanah sells so much and so does this cartoon called Ben 10. Backpacks and wallets and t shirts and so much more. Also I think I am in the intermediate stage of a Pepsi addiction. It's so good here! Also I want to get an alligator scripture carrying case. They are like $60 here but can sell for like $500 in the states. You will see them when my memory card gets to my mom. Well this week has been tough! It was a family awareness week and I had to be in Georgetown every day last week! We tried to get a wedding done too but it didn't work out for the old couple because the man had a bad ID card. They might have to wait till August. After this week I want to sleep for 3 days straight. Really stressful and then people asked why we didn't visit them on Sunday and we had to tell them if we weren't in Diamond we were trying to get the wedding to happen. We worked hard! My new companion is a red neck and he is pretty funny. Sometimes I can't hear people including him and he gets upset. Karma from how I was to my parents. Now I am deaf. People here talk pretty quiet though and fast. Also I hear the pineapple here is the best in the world. I do not doubt that at all! It is so good! Also I bought a ton of Breaking Bad here for cheap but I am not too tempted to watch them. I have my landlord whom is hilarious watch them. He loves the show! He laughs while watching it. I have had to push back 3 baptisms now which sucks! Also I realy like this drink called Lucozade. This past week we went to the Georgetown chapel and this drunk vagrant was hanging out with us and he was talking to himself. He was talking about scriptures drunkenly. He took a mini bible and threw it on the ground near me and said we know nothing. He stole a bike one time too. He is a reason why you don't do drugs haha. Also my goal for all boys about to go on a mission is to catch all 151 Pokemon (And read the Book of Mormon) I did both of those and I feel so good for doing them. I feel so accomplished for catching them all. Also my watch broke and I think watches only last for about one transfer. I am glad my companion is a tough guy. Some people try to white man tax us and we tried getting off a bus but they tried charging us like $120 more. He wouldn't let us out. We paid him what we owed and my companion pushed him out of the bus and got us out. The people in the bus cheered but the conductor and driver cursed so much at us. Also with the word of wisdom on tea you have to be specific. I had hot chocolate and they consider that tea. Also I can't get my adorable niece Maddi's voice out of my head. I always hear her say "Hi Kyo Hi Kyo Hi Kyo Hi Kyo!" And man I love Mother's day and Father's day! They have big luncheons after church and it tastes so good! I eat so American back at the apartment though. Burgers and fries every meal. I also found $100 on the ground but that's 50 cents in the U.S. so it was nice but not too much of a win. Our branch has a domino team and cricket team. I want a ping pong team. Well I gotta go because I am out of time and I am going to get some Brusters! It's not booze, It's the best ice cream ever!

Till next week,
-Elder Brown

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