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Monday, June 10, 2013

Screamo people & music

Well I didn't receive much emails from any but mom but I am still a pretty cool kid (I hope). I would love to get emails from friends and family. My mom asked if leading the area means I am the senior companion. My reply is yes and no. My companion Elder Glazier goes home in a month and he has never served in Guyana so I know the area best but he is a district leader. So about a week ago I saw a kid on this bus sitting in front of me. He as most kids just stared at me because I am a white guy. I made some funny faces and let him play with my name tag and planner. I think about it now and I glad he didn't throw them out the window. I gave him a Plan of Salvation track and he gave it to his mom. It's good to do missionary work in even the smallest ways. I love the kids here and how they just stare at me because they are curious. Anyways something that always gets me smiling is when I think of things that happened years ago. I remember when Elder Jace Hancock and I watched this hilarious movie called Balls of Fury and it's about ping pong. Best part of the movie! "I'm going to save the Panda!........... Panda's dead." Sorry none of you will probably laugh but I can see Elder Jace Hancock laughing his head off while reading this. Anyways I have been praying a lot because I don't know 100% my areas. I have been just pouring my heart out and fortunately my new companion understands and told me not to beat myself up too much. I told him that I really want a map for our area and he basically told me too bad. I have to memorize the places but I know the Lord will bless me in this. Lots of rain today by the way. I prayed and I realize that it's not my zone, but it is the Lord's zone. He is in charge and I pray that I can serve him the best I can. I showed my companion pictures of family and he saw one with Paul and Skye and Chance and he said "Your brother must have served a good mission! He has a nice wife!" If you haven't noticed my posts go into random tangents but it's because I blot things down on paper so I don't forget to write anything. About a week ago however we were sitting on a bus in a line waiting to get out of town but the buses have to wait. This lady was yelling at the top of her lungs! Just 3 of us in the bus. I couldn't tell what she was saying but I think she was upset with her son or something on the phone. I didn't want to cause a scene so I didn't say what I was thinking. "You are in public. Aren't you embarrassed?" I told that to my last companion and he said she was mad so she wouldn't care. I got some pictures developed so I will finally send my SD card home mom. It's funny showing them the pictures you want developed because us white guys take such dorky pictures. I felt embarrassed a little but though "Oh well." I remembered a story with my last companion as well where we tried to meet with this girl named Tovah. A guy picked up the phone and kept screaming "DON'T CALL TOVAH NO MORE!" each time we even said something. Also mom knows I like hard rock music that screams and I think we have the equivalent of it here. On the buses they play music and there will be a guy who in the song just screams something and I can't understand because of the dialect. So music is kinda like what I liked at home in that sense. We as missionaries get asked how many kids we have back at home pretty often. People also see my tag and say "Elder Brown? You don't look that brown." (Negros consider themselves brown instead of black) I always tell them if I had a dollar for each time I heard that I would be a Guyanese billionaire. Also I believe I failed to say but only 20 missionaries are allowed in Guyana at a time so I feel kinda crazy about that. That's why I cover a lot of areas. We this transfer got a new missionary and had to say goodbye to some awesome missionaries in our district. I have been out 6 weeks longer than this Elder and I saw the plane and tried to do the trainer joke on him even though he is not my companion. "Know how far away that plane is?" You let them say how far they think it is and you tell them about 2 years away. When I asked him how far it is other Elders interrupted and said not much further than you Elder Brown. We had a pretty good laugh about that. Anyways I wanted to say that it takes a long time for me to get letters but oh boy do I cherish them. If you get the time go ahead and write me and I will try to write back. They can take 10 to 20 days if not more to get to me but I love them! By the way big shout out to my little sister and her graduation announcement I got! She is adorable! Watch out boys! Also my nephew Charlie sent me a drawing of him and me and I am going to hold onto that forever! Thank you so much Charlie! I also saw an awesome picture of him feeding a bottle to baby Kate! Almost out of time so I gotta be quick. I need to remember names better, and we had tons of less actives come to church yesterday! Also some people don't know smoking is bad.
Well I love you all and can't wait to hear how you all are doing!

Elder Brown

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