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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Humbling Week

Well I apologize because I will probably be disappointing you all when I say that I left my notebook at my apartment. I can remember some of the funny things I wrote but not all of them. I try to look at the humor in things here. Sometimes things get too serious and negative but I always try to be an optimist. I saw a car with a sticker that said: "I never stop praying." And I thought to myself "I hope you do stop praying... You are driving right now." But anyways for the main part of my week my companion and I got into an argument and I am so glad it's over. The only thing I can say is we can never be prideful. I am not here to say who is right and who is wrong. The spirit can not be there at all when we have contention. I remember when I was a little kid my brother Jerry and I were sitting down in a church building for some kind of monument or something in Utah once and he showed me a scripture. It was in 3rd Nephi. All you scripture mastery people should know it. I had a total brain fart and can't remember exactly where it is. But my brother Jerry told me that contention is of the devil. I was about 6 years old when he showed me that and I ran around saying "Contention is of the devil!" when people would argue anywhere. I read that scripture and looked at myself and asked myself what I could do to fix our problem. We did a trade off for a day to let the steam cool. I love my companion and I look forward to learning from him. All I can say is that we must never let our pride get in our way of the spirit. My companion told me a real man is a problem solver. I am glad I am not the person I was back at home. I have my downfalls and he told me them. I am working hard on them now so that I can be a great missionary. My mission president heard about we had a pretty big fight and I feel bad because I feel like I let him down. We don't have time out here for anger so now I have noticed even if I try I can't be mad for more than 2 minutes. Well this has been more of a spiritual post and I will update you with more funny stories next week because I accidentally left my notebook of weekly notes at home. I did get chased by a crazy little lady this week and will keep you posted about that next week.
Love you all!
-Elder Brown

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