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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ice Cream, Archuletta & Powdered Milk

Hey everyone! It's been a pretty short week since my last email so not too much is new. I had an interesting moment though. I felt "Prompted" to go get ice cream and my companion knew I was joking but I found some people from my branch that have been less active for longer than I have been on my mission. They told us that they really needed to see us and want to come back to church. Lesson we can all learn? Ice cream never steers you wrong. Ice cream is always going to lead to good unless you eat it too much. When we went there they had Monsters University on but no volume so we all took a little peek and guessed what was going on. One of the missionaries with us goes home in two weeks so he will see it soon. I am excited to see it! No spoilers for me. Anyways there is this bridge called second bridge that we cross every now and again. I asked one lady if it was the second bridge and she replied "Every Day!" That's a good thing because if it wasn't on some days I would get confused. My companion laughed at that joke I made about it. Also I held another monkey the other day and it bit me! It wasn't that hard so I am okay but the monkey liked me I think. There are so many animals here! This new guy we have been teaching is awesome! He came to church and said "I heard this church is true. From what I see it is true." He was led there from a guy we know who will be defending him in court because he is accused of having his dog eat 9 of a guy's goats. This guy doesn't own a dog so he will win and the man who is defending him in court is a main guy in our branch head (Kinda like the stake president). He felt prompted to support him and court and invited him to church. He just has to get married and then we can baptize him! Also I have been drinking some powdered milk. It's not nearly as good as the real stuff! I am going to drink a whole gallon of 2% in 20 months. Which by the way I am at my 4 month mark! I am not counting down the days but it is crazy I have been out that long! I like how everyone but missionaries hate Monday. P Day is the best! We get to clean and sleep! Also we are allowed to listen to David Archuletta and I have to admit he is pretty good at singing! He has great church music too!
Well I don't have much left to say but no one really emailed me so I don't have too many people to reply to. Give me an email and I will email you back next week! kyleb@myldsmail.net

Elder Brown, King of Animals

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