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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Every Single Step

Arizona Elders (Brown, Parisot, Hale, ?)
Love my companions smile, can you see it?
Sorry for updating so late! I have not forgotten anyone. On Monday we had Zone Conference and Tuesday we had P Day. We had a long day with going to this activity that my zone planned for P Day and then we forgot the keys there had to go meet up with some Elders and I had to carry a pot that we brought chicken with the whole day. We caught a bus straight to the Internet lab because we were so tired from all the stuff we had to do. We walk up to the Internet cafe, "Black Out" The kid tells me. I hit myself in the head repeatedly with the pot I had to carry all day. I did not want to have the day end like this with my last few free hours left. We called the electric company and they said they would have it on later but they took FOREVER! We ran out of waiting time so we visited some members. Before that we met a girl who also was waiting for the internet. We got to share the gospel with her so it wasn't a total loss. It reminds me of a quote from a movie I really liked called 127 Hours. As many know it is about the man who got his arm stuck in a boulder and had to cut it off to be freed. He says "Every step I have taken in my life has led me to this moment." I know our Heavenly Father has a path set out for us. Every single step, Every single move we make can determine our eternal welfare. Every step leads us to somewhere if it is good or bad is up to our choices. This last week we had a huge service day where we cut down a coconut tree and a few other things. We are going to eat the coconut tree heart which is really good! Something I had been studying today and that always speaks to me is faith. Faith makes us act. You cannot have faith if you do not act upon that faith. When Peter asked to walk on water he did so by faith. He had faith and applied that faith by acting upon it and leaving the boat. At Zone Conference President Mehr talked about how everyone needs a responsibility and I feel that that is a way we can use our faith. I am about out of things to talk about but random I say this. R Kelly is coming to Guyana for a concert! We drive past the place a few times a week so it would be so funny if we drove by when he was on stage. I gotta go but I love you all and will update you more next week.

-Elder Brown

P.S. The heat almost doesn't even bother me. Want to hear the secret? It's LOVE. I honestly love the people here. They feed me well too and I still lose weight!
Here is me & my companion on the bus - He's got the best smile (can you see it?)

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