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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Missionary Work: What is your excuse?

Worked hard this week
Oh boy was this week good! It started off alright and then it just got great! So this monkey I have had in pictures was offered to me for free! Missionaries are not allowed to have pets as obvious as that is so I was going to let our landlord have it because he lives right behind us. The man offered him for free when he was really drunk and high and dressed really sloppy. We went back a few days later to go get the monkey and the guy was as sober as anyone else. He was dressed nicely and was even holding a baby. He said he called his son and his son said he would cry if he gave away the monkey. This week we also taught this lady who said "Hallelujah Jesus" after every little thing we said. We asked her to pray and she blessed everything on the earth. She literally prayed for the whole earth. This week we served hard too! I was sore for about 3 days because of building this house. Some of the guys building the house got paid because they were working for the people in my branch building the home. They smoked a couple of joints while working and I was shocked. They said it was legal to do it and I asked the people in my branch and they didn't even care they smoked pot while working. My big question goes out to all you Breaking Bad fans: So the show started back up on Saturday! Please do not spoil it for me or I will be super sad! But how was it? Don't tell me anything about what happens because that is what I will find out in about 19 months. Is it everything we expected? It is killing me! So I had a little bit of an insane week too. My bike had not had brakes for a few weeks and then we installed them. That night on the way to one appointment (Let me emphasize ONE APPOINTMENT) and if I did not have my breaks I would have been hit by 4 different cars! People here cannot drive at all! All of them were from a driver being stupid. One car was parked and then suddenly moved towards me then stopped when I hit my brakes. This week we also beat the standard of excellence! We plan on doing it for the whole transfer and this transfer just started. We are going to do it! This week we also had to drop 2 people because they would not progress at all. One of them was kinda sad but we hope it motivates them to keep their promises. We can only invite them to do these things when we visit them. Also there are so many trucks here that are huge and have names on the wind shield. One was named "Reality". Imagine getting hit by that! We made a joke about it. "What killed that guy?" "He got hit by Reality. It hit him hard." This week we also had 3 young boys (One of which I baptised) that came out to teach with us. These guys can teach! We taught one of our investigators about the Law of Chastity and they testified really good! He said he needed that lesson and after the prayer there were tears streaming down his face. They taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us to another less active lady and we each took one point of it and it went good! My challenge to everyone at home is to do missionary work this week! I don't care if it's just a little chat while at a restaurant or if you go out and teach with the missionaries (You should teach with them though because missionaries are the best!). Go out and share the gospel this week! A motto I thought of was: "Missionary work: What is your excuse?" Love you all and see you next week!

-Elder Brown
future missionaries

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