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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trust unwavering in Christ

My first double

Funny guy

You aint gonna bite me this time
This week had been a bit of a bummer but we had some really funny moments that made it good! It rained every day this week but it was nice so we could get cooled off. I smiled while drenched in rain. As missionaries we like to be tough and not use umbrellas. People carry them for 2 reasons though. To keep the sun away and to keep the rain away. So my highlight of the week right here. We were doing a little bit of contacting and we met this really drunk guy under his house. He calls himself Teddy Bear. This guy was drunk and only in underwear. He had 2 poorly drawn tattoos on his chest and one said "Teddy" the other was a handgun. I asked him what the handgun was for. "I SHOT A MAN AND BURNED HIS HOUSE DOWN!" He made the week amazing! Almost everywhere we go we see Indian soap operas on tv. They look so weird! Also I still like my dog at home in America but dogs here are annoying! If they aren't dead they bark while you try to talk to someone. Also since I have been out for 4 months I found this guy who tried to rip us off pretty funny. We took a bus to Georgetown and he gave us $200 less than he should have in change. We told him he gave wrong change. Ladies behind us yelled at him. I got a little mad with him but didn't really do anything other than when we got out told him to try and be honest next time. They sometimes will try to give you a "White Man Tax". Also if you live in the West Indies you are likely to get called to the West Indies on your mission but this mini missionary who has been in our district got called to Atlanta, Georgia! I don't know if that's close to Macon but that's where my brother served. A cool lady in my branch and I were talking and she said something cool "Trust unwavering in Christ brings true happiness. Not parties." Too many people here are broke because they spend all their money on rum and then they beg you for money. That's what makes the quote true. Also I somehow lost the keys this week and we were on a trade off so I climbed to the top of our fence to jump it. It is about 5 feet high and I twisted my leg up there and fell. Thud! I felt a little better after a few days but my leg was bothering me for a few days. I recently baptized a lady named Yolanda and her kids so you can pray for her. Brother London and his girlfriend need to get married which will be hard and also Eugiene and Patricia need to be married too. I love mangoes here! There are all kinds. If you guys are still picking me up from my mission I have lots of food and fruit and vegetables for you to try. I want to bring back some seeds too so I can grow plants. Not much new but I will see you all next week! (I also have to add that Kyle said he hasn't gotten monkey powers or anything from that bite last week)

-Elder Brown

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