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Monday, September 9, 2013

Rasta Week!

"Jah Love" = God's Love
I have been getting to know my area a bit better now. Unfortunately the computers in my area won't upload pictures. (Let's hope I can get some on soon) My neighborhood is pretty nice but Albouystown which is right above me is supposed to be ghetto and I have been a few times. They tell me don't go past 7 pm. I went during daylight hours and all I ever hear is "White Boy! White Boy! White Boy!" I did ride past some guys who tried to be tough and said something among the lines of "F word white boy I will kill you!" I try to avoid that area as often as I can. I have been told I will be here a while so I am trying to build it up strong here. It's nice to have a fresh new start but it is hard remembering everyone's name. That is probably the hardest thing in a mission. Why can't everyone be like us and wear name tags? A lot of times I have been stopped by really drunk guys who have long beards and they just want to talk or get a tract so I always leave them with a Word of Wisdom tract. I also got to go to a funeral this week. My new branch president's father in law passed away. Missionaries joked with me and said I was bad luck. I got to go to the funeral and it was pretty good. They have a big funeral building that has a few funerals going on all at once. The funeral I was at was really peaceful and everyone seemed to know that the plan of salvation is true. Next door people were drunk and taking pictures of the dead person and playing loud music. It was sad because we had to close the windows to try and make it quieter. This week has also been what I should call "Rasta Week". I have been talking to a couple of Rastas and they are funny. I met a man named Ras Chippy and he cooks pretty good! They are all vegetarian and will smoke pot right in front of you. In a picture I hope that gets sent I am with a Rasta doing a hand sign with him that means "Jah Love". Jah is who they think God is. Even on the way coming here I got in a bus and the driver asked me "Was Jesus a Rasta man?" I told him I haven't seen him in person yet so I will let him know. He told me that Jesus and God are Rasta men. So I have made a goal for my mission. I will baptize one Rasta before I come home. I know I can do it! Also I tried to make a tradition with my companion where each Sunday night we make brownies and have the crappy ice cream they have here and watch a church movie for a week well done. Our oven doesn't heat up enough so we put it in the oven for a while and it seemed cooked but it tasted like eggs and made me feel gross. That's all I have for this week but hopefully I can get pictures up!
-Elder Brown

This is the name of my Home ward!

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