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Monday, September 23, 2013

"This just makes sense!"

The beginning of this week was pretty good. Whenever I stop by my buddy Ras Chippy we find someone who needs the gospel so we always stop by him when we see him. He promised me he would come to church on Sunday but he didn't which was kinda a bummer. Recently we had a service project as missionaries where we unloaded a huge truck of donated items and clothes and school kits. We gave them to schools and Ras Chippy said his daughter got a school kit and said the Latter Day Saints gave it to her. He told her "I know those two guys!" He gave me his number because he trusts us so much. We taught a man about the Restoration with Chippy the other day and he just shook my hand and said "This just makes sense!" That is what I love! The Gospel makes sense and we can pray to find out it is true! A quote I came up with and I want to use often is "The beauty of the gospel is taking it and making it simple enough for a child to understand." And it is possible! I also taught another group of Rastas but they seem different from the rest of the Rastas. These ones smoked a ton of pot in front of me and were super stoned when I tried telling them about the Restoration. They asked the most random questions to me. "Where is the Garden of Eden? Where did Adam and Eve live?" I told them I was not sure but when I meet God I will ask him. They said I just didn't want to say it was in Africa. I left them with the tract because one of them just walked around saying random things because he was pretty high. Also a fun fact about my buddy Ras Chippy: He has been growing his dreads since 1992! I wasn't even born then! My companion also came up with a quote we always use now. We saw someone with a cool looking scar but we didn't want to be awkward and ask them about it. Later my companion said (Not to them) "Do you want to give me a brief history of what happened to your arm?" Not much new so I will see you all next week.
-Elder Brown
Doubles (I hear they're even better in Trinidad)

Me and my new comp Elder Augustine

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