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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tough but great week

Well this week was not what I expected. I don't think I got to announce it last week but Eugiene and Patricia are finally getting married! It will happen on September 11th (Kinda a strange day I know) But it is amazing because they have waited a year to get baptized. I did a trade off with the Zone Leaders and Wednesday morning I got an interesting phone call from the Zone Leader. An Elder in Garden Park area (Really close to Georgetown) got emergency transferred and is in Trinidad now. I am in his area now and he wasn't in my district so I have never been here until now. I am blanking the area. The area book has not been updated so there is even more of a challenge now. I am trying to get to know the area but it will come in time. We had a mission wide fast yesterday. We had the branch members all around the mission fast to know someone they could share the Book of Mormon with. I bore my testimony telling the members that they are the true missionaries. Sadly I had only 2 hours notice that I was leaving the area I am in so I only got to say goodbye to my branch president and his family. My new apartment was way dirty from the last missionaries but they left some cool books. I have been reading The Pearl of Great Price study manual lately and it has some neat deep doctrine in it. And the washing machine here is the best! That sounds weird but it washes clothes really good! I saw this Bob Marley drink for sale here and the price for it was really funny. The drink costs $420 Guyana dollars ($2.10 US). 420 for a Bob Marley drink? Coincidence? Some drunk guy came up to me and one of the Zone Leaders yesterday and he was really drunk in this restaurant. He said the F word every other word and he called us "White Devils" This lady told us to pray for him. It has been tough here in this new area. I have a mini missionary who is from my last branch so it has been really awesome! I have had some hard times too like when we went contacting. We invited some people to church and had a prayer with them. I said to them that I hope to see them at church. The little girl said "You know we aren't coming right?" All I told that little girl was that we can only invite them to church. "The ball is in your field." This transfer will be tough but I am praying a lot and using the members to help me. I am at a really slow internet cafe so I hope I get a better one next week so I can send pictures. Well I am going to the zoo. See you all next week!

-Elder Brown

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