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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Awesome Week!

Well this week was fantastic so I gotta try and send it all in one email. This might just be a long one. So it started off like this. I bought a few cans of Dr. Pepper which I get every so often because it's 1 US Dollar per can so it's expensive kinda. I poured the Dr. Pepper in a glass and smelt it and enjoyed it. The smell brought back some old memories back to me of back home. I knew it would be a great week. I went to this awesome family named the Georges. Brother George is less active till his son can drive. He had a kidney transplant and his body is rejecting it. He recently had a stroke and can't move one of his arms but he knows the gospel is true! He is an amazing inspiring man. His grandson came out in his Spider-Man costume and I just had to get a picture with him. Along with a great week you always have to get some weird things otherwise it is not complete. This one lady is a sister of one of our less actives. This lady is a 7th Day Adventist. She lives the law of Moses still. She covers her head with whatever she can when she prays for us and she always hits on my companion. She complemented his white shirt and "Strong shoulders" this last time we went. She said my shirt looks green and like ice cream. I wasn't too sad to hear she doesn't like me like that. She is a little strange. This week I have had some desires for when I get home. (I know I am not trying to get too trunky) When I get home I want to study the Bible and Book of Mormon together and get a huge white board and draw an ancestor chart for all sorts of tribes and not only the tribes of Israel. There is so much to learn and I want to do it all by myself and gain that knowledge. I can probably look it up but then that would take away all the fun. We only get 1 hour of personal study each day and that is not enough! Also it's not that I hate my companion or anything but when I get home I want to drive up to Utah alone. It would be nice to be alone finally after so long. Probably take my family dog if possible and go see Paul up there. I for some reason miss the Grand Canyon. This week I thought about something funny too. Expectations and reality out here. I think about how everyone is a child of God and that they will accept this message and then I walk outside and everyone is drunk as a skunk. This week that changed a bit. We ran into some guys drinking and they wanted to chat and we did with them for a minute. I have to admit they did buy us some drinks and Elder Egbert and I drank with them. They were so kind. Drunk people are fun to drink with. Good thing they bought us WATER ha ha. We gave them cheers with our water and then they said wine is good because Jesus changed water into wine. I told them that was true but it never said that Jesus drank that wine and that they were drinking rum right then so it was different. There is this shop near our house and the guy selling stuff always watches AMC. It is nice to hear it playing when I get a soda. I bought a Coke and an ad for Walking Dead Season 4 came on. Oh boy did that get me trunky! I can wait till I get home though. Oh boy is there a drinking problem here though. One night we walked past this party area as usual where a lot of pot is smoked and tons of beers and we always get stopped by some random drunk person (new guy each time) and this lady drives and parks in the middle of that walk way and gets out with a half drank beer bottle. Yeah drinking and driving is a good idea right? This week we were teaching a less active and this stupid kid she has drew all over my back. It felt good like my mom scratching my back till I found out what he was doing. I can't be too mad though. He needed to see if it had ink. My companion is giving up soda so he acted like he drank one when a member gave us some but he just poured it into my cup when he wasn't looking. Lucky me! We contacted this one Hindu lady who tried giving us excuses for us not to meet her. She said she didn't live there and her grand daughter right next to her said she was lying and when we left it was so funny to hear her get yelled at. "What the heck?! Why are you trying to set me up?!" I wanted to go back and say to her that she could have simply said no thanks but we didn't. Guyana people are all talk. Some kid a few years younger than me rode his bike past me and said he was going to rob me. I told him I would rob him first and he kept riding. No one will act upon what they say it's funny! The best part of this week is how many referrals we got! 15! We worked hard on them and last night we slept great after this amazing week! That's all and I gotta go!
Love you all!

Making my own cake
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Yah, I'm 20 now!
Back Art
-Elder Brown

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