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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goodbye Guyana

Here is my last week message (not received until this week): Goodbye to Guyana! Well I got some news that is pretty sweet! I am leaving Guyana! I have been here for the past 7 and a half months. I don't want to sound negative but I am excited to see more of the mission. I am going to an island called Saint Vincent. My companion served right next to where I was so he has told me a bit about it and I am excited! Pirates of the Carribean was filmed here too. But for this week I have some stories. This week we went to a stand and ate these things that were like cinnamon rolls but had meat instead and tasted more like a meaty meal. The rainy season is back in Guyana and it feels pretty good when it rains. This week we got AC and I slept like a baby the first day. Good thing my next apartment will have it too I hear. My next apartment is sweet from what I hear. I hear St. Vincent is a lot more quiet. That will be nice because I swear everytime I start teaching a lesson someone decides to play really loud music. This week the attitude someone had towards Elder Egbert and I made me pretty sad. This lady just walked up to us and said we can't teach her about God. She said we are way too young. She was really rude and I mentioned that Samuel was a prophet even younger than we were. She said we can't compare ourselves to him. We just told her we love her and didn't want to argue and she said we were too young to argue. We went and talked to another really nice family and it was nice getting to know them. It made me feel better about what had happened. As we walked back to the main road the lady kept staring at us and called us gay. It makes me sad to see how hard hearted people can be but I remember something my brother Paul sent me in an email a while back. He told me that what I am doing out here is not wrong. It is a good thing. That gave me so much comfort in knowing that people will just say whatever they want. It's her own condemnation. I would not have minded if she respectfully told us she didn't want to hear our message but she approached us and said all those things. Something I have seen that is sad too is one guy used to be a member of our church but left because he "backslid" as they all say. Which is no excuse not to repent. I asked why he stopped coming to church and he said it was boring (Sometimes it can be a little more dull) but he said he wants to go to a church that cast out demons and bad spirits that people don't even know they had. That's what saddens me. It seems that a lot of churches have become just parties. Our generation is obsessed with the movie Paranormal Activity. That's the only time they care about religion is when it has something cool like a demon leaving the body. It's sad to see that's how churches do that. It has become more of a circus than a church. Last story is it was funny that we went over to see someone and we helped cut up some vegetables and she just went in the back room and slept while we helped. Sorry this update is a little late we had a black out mid email and my companion did not want to go back to check it.

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