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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Birthday Weekly Update

This week was packed full of good stuff but first off I want to publicly say Happy Birthday to my oldest brother CJ yesterday! 20 years ago he was also lucky to get a little baby brother on his birthday ha ha. This week we have met people and they would tell us that they have been baptized into our church. We would meet them in front of their house. Turns out that we would teach them and they were baptized into the church of Jesus Christ. No one is ever sure if we baptized them which is weird. You would think you would remember that you were dunked under water. Also my branch mission leader tells me the new Spider-man trailer came out. NO SPOILERS!!!! I don't even want to know the villain. I want to end my mission at the right time and just pop it into the dvd player and see what happens. So the Jeffries family was awesome. We cooked Mexican food for them on Halloween I believe it was. They don't celebrate that here. I asked them if they liked the Jalapenos and she said to me "Jalapenos? I thought it was Halloween." It made both Elder Egbert and I laugh so hard. Also I would tell people a few days before my birthday that Diwali was on my birthday. Apparently that means I am a thief man. Elder Egbert was born on Friday the 13th. These drunk guys called me Thief man for that and Elder Egbert Satan for having that birthday. Drunk people have interesting philosophies. We also contacted this lady named Roxanne and it was so funny because she said "You know like that song? Roxanne!" I asked her if she liked the Police but she didn't get it. I guess she doesn't know what the song is about either. Something that was kinda sad to think about this last week was this little boy put on his dad's shirt (which was way big on him) and saw us and said to us "Let's go to church! It's the sabbath!" This makes me always want to be a righteous father when I get older. His dad is our investigator and his mom is less active. Always be a righteous parent.
 So for my birthday last night we fasted the whole day and we got offered 7 curry which they give out at weddings and never any other time accept for Diwali or special occasions. Diwali everyone gives free food but we had to deny the 7 curry. I have never tried it and it's wrapped in a big leaf. Everyone says it's the best. People were throwing big fireworks everywhere so we went home like 2 hours early because everyone was drunk and throwing basically bombs right next to us. Today they are celebrating it still and most places are closed. I am surprised that the internet shop is open. Last little story is short. I told a lot of people my birthday was Sunday and this drunk lady said to me "It's your birthday right?" She grabbed me and put her arm around me and it was so odd. I could smell the alcohol in her breath. She was old and missing teeth. Well That's about all for this week. I will try and upload some pictures now.
-Elder Brown

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