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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sin is like a mustard seed?

This week has gotten quite a bit better. Can't say it has been fantastic but things have been looking up. We got a ton of referrals even just on the first day of the week. The people seem genuinely interested. Now the hard part is getting them motivated to go to church. Many people made quote of the week for me. One lady who is always skeptical about us was telling us that the Bible says sin is like a mustard seed. We told her that it actually says it's faith that is like a mustard seed. Sometimes it's hard to see who is genuine because someone called to see if we were still coming over to teach her that morning. We told her that we were still planning on it and she tells us on the phone "Okay. Can you bring me some food?" Everyone seems to ask us for money because they think we are rich white guys. Most of them spend it on rum though. We never give out money and just tell them that we have to eat too. One of our investigators just likes to diss on America and we tell them that we aren't here to preach about America. We have made many laughs this week for people such as paying for some coconuts in change and seeing how they just think we are crazy. My favorite is my good buddy here on my left side named "Grandfather Black" He is known by missionaries for saying "Bob Marley told me never to trust the missionaries!" He is a really funny guy and he has become our friend. His brain is fried from all the pot he smokes. On my right side is a guy who joined us. He has shades on and we did not get his name. We just call him cat eyes because he smoked so much pot that his eyes have changed to look like cat eyes. Grandfather Black told us tons of stories that were random. "There is a big piece of iron in the sky and it's going to fall down. It's got 400 something people in it and Wait where are you from?" He told that to my companion. It was a week of good hard work and tons of laughs. I am glad yesterday though that I got to see something nice and spiritual. Our recent convert Blonco who has changed his life so much received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and then got to help set apart his son to be a deacon. Great week and working on making them even better! Love you all!
-Elder Brown

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