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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

This week has been butt kicking! I forgot my notebook of what I will email back at my apartment so I am working off of memory and the help of Elder Dye. Lets take it day by day. Last Monday: P Day was good and we got home at 11 am so we had the whole day to just kick back and do laundry and sleep. That night we took a member teaching with us. We were going to teach the second half of the Plan of Salvation. We were talking about what happens after we die and the investigator kept going off on "Where is the spirit world???!!!" We said it's not a physical place but she just went crazy and then the member debated with her and there was tons of yelling about things that weren't even about our topic and it got contention. The spirit can't be there when we yell. I had to tell that to her and her husband believed way different things than her so it was funny. We spent a long time there and not much good happened. It sure was interesting though. Tuesday: We had a pretty good day. I believe this was the day that might just have made quote of the week. This lady was baptized recently and she is extremely less active and pretty crazy. She always has something interesting to say. She insulted about everyone from the church to just us and then she said: "I think Jesus just wants me to be a sun beam." I don't think she knew that was a song. Wednesday: Played with Chickens. Nothing extra ordinary  Thursday: We got ice cream as usual. That's our Thursday regular when we go to town for meetings. We talked to our buddy Brother Ash who is good friends with Mila Julovich who I still want to meet! And we talked about super heroes and had a good time. Friday: Nothing I can think of. Got Popsicles I guess. Saturday: Nothing I can remember. I think some cat cut my arm. I just play with all the animals. Sunday: We had fun with another Rasta named Gideon. Some good videos are on my Dropbox so you should all see it soon. He was crazy and liked my magic tricks where I made coins disappear. He also growled at us and said he was Batman and I got to be Superman but I changed to Spiderman and Elder Dye was Spiderman or Dr. Strange.
I can't function without my planner so next week might have more details but we had fun this week and worked really hard. Not many people are coming to church though. Our investigators
won't sacrifice to get to church. I am out of time so I gotta go.
In Green Grass Valley there is blood, tissue and cells but no bodies or bones
-Elder Brown

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