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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bummer of the world!

Well this week sure has been an interesting one. We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday and it was going to be great! This girl named Ashley was who we were going to baptize and she knew everything! Smart 14 year old girl who could be asked anything and could give you the answer to it. She went to Bequia (One of the Grenadines) and said she would be back for the baptism interview but she said she won't be able to make it. And now she is ignoring us. Bummer of the world! Her dad is a member but her mom who is split up with her dad is not a member. We think that she is getting persuaded not to be baptized. We also had to drop some investigators who will not progress. Two girls were also ready to be baptized but they just won't commit to that. This week we have just been out trying to find people who want to know about the gospel. It can be tough! Some people who we have met and I think it happens all over the world think that we are prideful for coming to their country telling them that they need God. Some people don't like missionaries. They told us to go to Philadelphia and teach there. We just told them that we are all over the world. Then they told us some false doctrine about our church. People are interesting. If a Rasta man stops you to ask a question and he is wearing a necklace and a pin that is the shape of Africa you know that it is something about Jesus being black. Not the first time it has happened to me. He quoted Revelations 1:14-15 to me but said it different than how it actually reads. He focused on how his hair is like wool and his feet like burnt brass. We told him we think Jesus was tan but not black or white really. He said he was not prejudice but went on to tell us how basically he is. We told him Christ was only here to die for our sins. Doesn't matter if he was black, white or Chinese. Apparently he cares more about his color than anything. We often take a man who has been baptized for 2 years now who used to be a Rasta and he is the best! Even with a crazy week we still managed to get some good laughs. One man told us that Joseph whom was the husband of Mary was blind. A few people who we have taught have been asked by us where on the Earth the Bible was written. They answer that it was written in heaven. Elder Dye makes them feel good and says that it was written in heaven and compiled in Jerusalem area. It has been an interesting week. Just hoping that this week is better. We are trying to find those who are interested in the gospel.
In Green Grass Valley there are roofs, walls, floors, and doors but no houses or windows.
-Elder Brown

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