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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Every Little Thing Is Going To Be Alright

Feb 24 at 12:18 PM
Well this week started alright and I felt a little earthquake and I guess it hit a few times. Wasn't anything major but now I can say I have felt one and it's kinda cool! Lately I have been listening to Beethoven and other classical music and it really does make you feel really smart. I really like classical! This week about all week has been really tough. Tuesday was actually a normal day and then Wednesday on just dragged on. Tons of appointments fell through and people we enjoyed teaching just told us they were not interested. It has been really hard on us. We asked why this is happening to us. I believe that it has to happen at least once a transfer where you get a poop week and this was that week. We do have 2 really good investigators and we extended a date for one of them for March 22nd. She seems really excited so please pray for her. Her name is Jean and she is awesome! We had this big awesome celebration for the 25 years the mission has been in the West Indies. Tons of singing and it was great! On Saturday being another hard day someone was playing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and it made me think about the week. Things happen and plans fall through. Satan is going to work hard on us but we just got to remember "Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright." That made my week much better. We are going to find in some new areas and just know this week will be better. After a poop week comes a great week. I have kept my faith about that. Just keep the faith and everything will go good. Got to love that Bob Marley but he is not a prophet. Not much left to say but have a good week!

-Elder Brown

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