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Monday, February 10, 2014

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Well not to much going on this week. Just a nice P-Day at an internet cafe getting my email done so we can shop and go home do laundry and enjoy the rest of our P-Day with rest. This week we had no investigators at church except for one guy named Kenrick. He is a cool teenager and missionaries in the past have tried to help him get baptised but he is just coming to church really. We have a few people like that that we want to get dedicated to the point of baptism. But they just won't do anything about it for some odd reason. People here are really funny because they always seem to say they can't fast but on fast Sunday they bring the most food ever! Elder Dye said: "I am diabetic but I need to eat my CHEESE PUFFS!" Also somewhat a nice plus to our week would have to be that we found $20 in our community washing machine. It happened twice so we got $40! Overall a funny week with our buddy Grandfather Black. Elder Dye and I always call him that but I guess his name is Simon Junior but he told Elder Dye that when he calls him Grandfather Black that he can see Christ in him. Kind of a funny thing to hear from a Rasta buddy. He took us to one of our other Rasta buddies bar that sells soda and he thought that if we took him in there we would buy him a soda but Brently our rasta buddy gave us 2 free sodas and Grandfather Black told us in his crazy voice "This is so embarrassing! I bring you here and you don't get me a drink." Elder Dye gave him the rest of his drink. One investigator has been having migraines and her son would come out to us and say she is having migrations. We always had to ask him where she is migrating to but he did not understand at all. One last guy we thought was good to teach and had lots of interest went out to buy pot just before we taught him so it was a big bummer so we left him with a Word of Wisdom tract hoping he will call us sometime. Last story would be that yesterday we got in a bus and they were playing some really offensive music that had such crude words and people in the van sang along. I felt like I should have stood up and told them to change it but I didn't. We got off later and I made it a vow to myself that next time that happens I am going to stand up and let them know it is offensive and they should change it. On our way back home two ladies from some African religion kept yelling Joseph Smith to us in the bus and I turned around and said "Yeah! He was a good prophet!" I feel like I want to apply Romans 1:16 to my life more. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

Me and Elder Dye will be together for another transfer! My first combo breaker. Every transfer I have gotten a new companion but this should be interesting.

In Green Grass Valley there are feet but no toes

-Elder Brown

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