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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it hasn't felt much like Valentines Day for me or does ever really being single. That's fine though because family always send great packages! Wisdom of the week comes from one of our investigators that got it from some pastor. "Better go to church with a few sinners than go to Hell with all the sinners." I guess I could agree with that. This week has been fun and interesting. Elder Dye and I have been walking around and picking up empty bottles. They are actually worthy money! People here will wear shirts until they are worn out. Some drunk came up to us and I asked what happened to the back of his polo and it was so torn up. "A bear attacked me!" I had no idea that bears were on the island. They actually aren't any though. Another man we contacted who was actually sober was talking with us about prophets and he said some great material for this week. "When Noah built the ark he warned all the people to get on and they didn't believe him. The rain started to fall and God closed the door on the ark and the people yelled. NOAH STOP THIS STUPIDNESS! But it was God who closed the door." We got to go to an awesome baptism in Caliqua who the Sisters taught. It was an ocean baptism and I almost got to be a witness which means you get to walk right out into the water but the other Elders beat me to it. I found a crab there in the shallow water and tried to grab it but it kept pinching me and all the missionaries kept laughing and then we had testimonies on the beach while my hand bled a bit. I am usually the comic relief of the zone. Overall a pretty good week. I am out of Green Grass Valley riddles so I will come up with one next week.

Also I am glad to hear about my new niece Blaire! I can't believe she will be just over a year old when I get home!

Have a great week!

-Elder Brown

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