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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steadfast & Immovable as big ocean rocks

People still think that we are prideful just because we are American but I just keep making friends with them. The things they think about America though. They always tell us that they have lived in St. Vincent and London and New York. Last week someone asked us if it snows in Florida because it only takes 4 hours to fly from New York to Florida so it should take that long for snow to get there. He even said Florida borders New York. Funny people. Also my asthma from a little kid catches up with me sometimes. Rastas always tell me that the Marijuana tea will get rid of that. A normal lady even said that if you boil the root that it really helps. One Rasta was shocked that I replied no to "Your daddy never boiled Marijuana for you?" One drunk guy told us that we are missionaries and then missing-naries and then mercenaries. Oh boy how they slur their words. One man did not understand our purpose here at all. We said we are here to spread the gospel and he said that we need to know things about America such as which state is the sunshine state. I told him it was Arizona where I am from and he snapped and said it was Florida. This guy thought he was sophisticated too. One lady who does not like us saw my companion's American flag bandana that they sell here and said "Oh yeah that has 52 stars on it because you guys have 52 states." I didn't even correct her. It was too golden. I also saw a cool New York shirt and the lady said it was cool but that I am from America and not New York. People here are too funny. We still
get creepy people. I shook some normal girl's hand and she just started to feel my hand and compliment how soft it was. People are a little odd here sometimes. We also got a young girl named Yolanda to church on Sunday! Last time I met a Yolanda I baptized her. I think this will work out. We met with her and people always complain how buses don't come around on Sundays. We got a nice one before we even made it to the bus stop. We fasted to get more investigators at church and it has been working pretty good so far. The missionaries we share the church with who live in town invited 2 crazy ladies to fast and testimony meeting and they claim to be traveling pastors and they went up to bear testimony. One yelled and screamed and said Amen and Hallelujah every other word. I went up after her and bore my testimony. She got my blood pumping from how crazy she was. I went up and bore testimony about Mosiah 5:15 about being stead fast and immovable like the huge ocean rocks here. Also this morning we went to Bequay and had the best time ever! We held a bunch of turtles and I picked one up and put it close to my face and they will slap your hands but this one slapped my hard right in the face! None of the missionaries saw but I dropped him right back in the water. My face bled a little and it was so funny! We got some conch shells and I got one and nasty ooze stuff got on my pants and everyone complained about how bad I smelled from it. It was such a fun day though! We saw tons of French ladies in Bequay (It's a Grenadine island owned by the French) They were pretty good looking. I want to go there some day for a honeymoon or something. They also had a can of Dr. Pepper and I got it with some Curry and Roti! Best Lunch Ever!
In Green Grass Valley it is always sunny. There are no clouds.
-Elder Brown

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