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Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfer weeks make plans . . . Fun!

Well transfers came and went and it had been fun but also crazy. We got barely any lessons this week because I had to wait and get my new companion with some other missionaries. We also had Zone Conference with the mission president in St. Lucia so it was fun flying there. I slept in the church so I didn't do much sight seeing but I got to see some good friends. I freaked out earlier this week because I got my plane ticket and it had someone from the MTC to be my companion. Elder Watson was going to be my companion until some last minute change happened. Not sure what it was but I was so excited! We are just hoping now even more than ever that we get to be companions some time. My new companion Elder Bingham has a first name of Courtney and Courtney Eyring sent me a picture of her and her family for Christmas so I showed him the picture acting like I was just "In love" with this girl. I did this prank to him when he just got here. I told him that she has the most beautiful name ever. "Courtney! I think that is just the cutest name ever!" And then he caught on and we had a good laugh about it. We have the same style of comedic teaching that people seem to like and so we get along great! Just before I got him I was eating in a restaurant with my district leader and two men come in and get food and tell us that they have a warrant for our arrest. Then they talked about random scriptures and we found out that they were joking and were members from the next branch. I was super nervous and they acted like we were bad people because people randomly will come and talk to us to insult us from time to time. It was funny though because later missionaries came in that knew him. Also we said goodbye to one of our amazing recent converts. He is working on a cruise ship for the next 8 months. We are going to miss Brother Davis. Zone Conference was amazing. Talking with President Mehr was nice because there has just been a lot going on and it was good to release some pressure. "Big Bayne Theory" for this week: "God created Adam but he made Eve." Not too sure where he was going with that but I laughed pretty good afterwards. I love St. Vincent and can't wait for General Conference! Baptism next week too! Things are going good!

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