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Monday, May 5, 2014

Spidyman the new District Leader

We got transfer calls this week! Good news is Elder Bingham and I are staying together! I love that guy. Also I have been promoted to District Leader! I am really excited about this. The Caribbean is getting funny. On May 1st we had a holiday called May Day. No one knew what it was they just all took the day off. That's the Caribbean way of life. Unnecessary holidays all the time. Also Carnival is coming. It's more in town but they did a big kick off celebration. We had a baptism that day out at a beach and some people drove by blasting music wearing not much clothing. One of the people in the back of the truck that was dressed up in skimpy clothes was an investigator to one of the missionaries. I guess that baptismal date is getting pushed back. Also the Elders in town got chased by two naked women who were apparently sober. We get to stay in doors for a few days when it gets really big. It's my first Carnival since they don't really do it in Guyana. Also one of our good member friends told us he saw the new Spider-Man! He told me all about it and it had some parts in it I thought would happen. Mom, Dad, anyone go see it please! I want you guys to be able to tell me about it on Skype for Mother's Day! This week I felt a lot like Spider-Man though. I found a rope and hung upside down on it like Spider-Man and I found a Lizard and played with it with some of our investigator's kids and they played way too rough so it died pretty quick but they thought it was still alive. It just had it's reflexes and then they realized finally that it was dead. I took some funny videos of how they played with it even when it was dead. It reminded me of the last Spider-Man movie with the Lizard. I can't believe that this one has 3 villains in it and then one comes in at the end! That is seriously on the top of my list of movies to see as soon as I get home! Overall this week was pretty good. We had 4 investigators come to church and one of them is actually considering getting baptized on her birthday next month! We have been trying to get her baptized for about 6 months now. Also 2 less actives we have are starting to come back into activation. Things really are looking up. We have had some poop weeks this last transfer but I got a good feeling about this now.

District Spidyman
Good old American Hamburger

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