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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Plum Pickin

Well this week was a bit interesting. Some members of the church who have been members for years had their records lost so we had to go an re-baptise them. I got to go out into the water and be a witness. It was really cool! Closest thing I will get to swimming here. We have been sweating buckets as we worked this week. We got a ton of work done and I had a nice trade off with the Zone Leader. It's plum season so I picked a lot of plums and we have enjoyed eating them. It's fun climbing into the trees. One investigator we have picked back up on has some of the most strange questions. She asked us who the first two people on Earth were. That was the 5th most random question she asked that day so I asked her "What does it say in Genesis?" She replied "Adam and Eve." These questions aren't that hard. We have had one of our less actives come to church for about a month now and soon she will bring her boyfriend we hope! We set a baptismal date with him for June 5th. He needs a lot of change but we have high hopes for him. He used to curse at me and my last companion but for some reason he loves me and Elder Bingham. Elder Bingham and one of the Zone Leaders taught him the Restoration and he said "Look at my arm! Those are goosebumps." I wish I could have been there for that. We had picked up an old investigator who Elder Dye and I had dropped and and she came to church and brought a friend! Things are really looking up. She is getting surgery so she got a blessing from some people at church too so I think this is really building her faith. She doesn't like how we talk about Joseph Smith though. I think she will accept the restored gospel soon though. This next week is packed full of appointments so I am excited for that! Just working hard out here and loving it.

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