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Monday, May 26, 2014

Best week ever times 2

I can't say anything other than this week was spectacular! But I will try and put it in words. We have taught 19 member referrals this week. That is almost double the standard of excellence so I cannot complain at all! We have had 11 member lessons for the week too! We have been working hard and Laverne has been progressing even more and her friend Felix is starting to really get interested too. I need to stop putting so many exclamation points because I feel weird. Anyways funny story for this week. I had an awesome trade off with Elder Jacobson and he came to my area. During studies I asked him to throw my mini Preach My Gospel over to me. Maybe I am not too coordinated but it hit me right in the face and my nose bled. Wow I am way out of time too many questions from everyone but yeah my face bled. I love the conference edition of the Liahona. Tons of random funny people in it. Hurricane season is coming! This week has overall been really good but I wish I had more time to describe it. Just imagine the best week ever times 2. Love you all and see you next week!


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