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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Goodbye St. Vincent

Well this week has been tough because I have been feeling so anxious for transfer calls. After 5 transfers (7 and a half months) I am leaving this island. I feel like I had just gotten here the other day. So many memories on this island. I am surprised I didn't cry. I am heading off to St. Lucia and will be serving where Elder Bingham came from. I have a strange theory going on though. I spent 5 transfers in Guyana, 5 in St. Vincent and now probably 5 in St. Lucia. After that I will have 2 transfers left. This week was nice because I got to go do a trade off in Caliqua for a baptismal interview and the work out there is going great! During a lesson though I felt a sting and pinch on my leg because we were out in the dark teaching and I shake my pants and all and this big about 4 inch centipede walks away. It stung the whole night. I called the mission doctor that night and everything is fine. The question of the night that night was: If I have to get my leg amputated should I get a peg leg or a robo leg? We have a baptism hopefully coming up here in Campden Park because these kids in this part member family know and just love the Gospel. One of the little girls who is about 3 said she wants to be a party girl. The kids told her that church girls are pretty and party girls are not. It was funny enough to make my weekly update. Also I got Clark's graduation and mission announcement. It scared me because Uncle Curt and Aunt Allison never put their names on the return address and just put the address. I thought I was getting a wedding announcement from a girl. Well I got to be a witness for the baptism of Tristan this week and those other Elders are really tall. As you can see in the picture I basically went swimming. I literally did a stroke in the water and one Elder got a picture of it. I am going to have to have him email that to me. I just love the look I have in this picture I imagine me saying: "How's the water? Oh it's great." I am looking forward to St. Lucia because I come back on Friday and Saturday for Zone Conference here in St. Vincent. Also I have already got a few friends in St. Lucia who are missionaries so this should be fun.
Not much left to say so have a nice week!

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