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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gone to St. Lucia! Kinda?

Well I made it safe to St. Lucia and here I am back in St. Vincent. I flew in Wednesday but we have Zone Conference in St. Vincent so I basically got to show all the St. Lucia missionaries around my favorite city Kingstown. They really like it and we are going to have a fun few days here. Internet cafes are packed with people so it has been tough but I managed to be able to get to the church computer before anyone else. I have another Elder waiting for me and we have some fun activities planned for this P-Day. We are going to play some football in about an hour so I want to be kinda brief so we can just go and have some fun. St. Lucia is alright. It is tough leaving somewhere you have been at for so long and have just loved. It gets harder to leave areas then it gets to leave home. You make new families out here and just love them so much. St. Lucia is going to be an adventure. I share a branch with a set of Elders and a set of Sisters and I just have an amazing feeling about the area. I can just feel the spirit testify to me so strong that this area is good. People seem to accept us for the most part and let us teach them. It's a decently strong Catholic island but many people just kinda go there. There is a lot of drama in the branch and I have seen this in branches I have served in before. The secret is just to love them. Don't listen to rumors. If someone talks bad about someone just stop them there and let them know you love all the members of the branch. I look forward to serving the people there and showing them how much love I really do have for them. I am far from the tourist area and my area actually looks a bit like Arizona. There are cows and horses everywhere and some dead plants but we are not far from the ocean. I gotta pick it up quick because my companion Elder Reyes is at the end of his mission. He goes home in 5 weeks back to Australia. He is awesome and is the middle one in this picture. The other one is my buddy Elder Watson serving far on the other side of the island. He just wanted to be in the picture too because Elder Reyes trained him. Well they speak Patwa in St. Lucia which is broken French. It's really hard but I will try to learn it. Also funny joke of the week. I compared the Restoration to Pimp my Ride. Fix the original church back up. Well I gotta go love you all!
I don't have my new address yet.
Just like Arizona

Party Van in St. Vincent

My new companion, Elder Reyes (and Elder Watson, who he trained)

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