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Monday, June 2, 2014

No sleep week

This week was planned to be a great one but instead we didn't get too much sleep. We had service all week this week. We woke up at 5 am and would have to get in town to sweep the streets in town. I would make the joke often that we are the thing that is sweeping the nation. This week had gotten a bit stressful because of lack of sleep. We would get back to the apartment and take showers and I would sleep while Elder Bingham showers and he would sleep while I shower. It can be kinda tough missing an hour and a half of sleep and instead of sleeping you work kinda hard. We did it Tuesday through Saturday. We have not had any time this week to get studies in so I felt like I didn't have the spirit with me as strong. I really wish I had more time to study the gospel. We had a fun time chatting with missionaries while working and then we would go to a place called Food Basket. One of my investigators works there so I brought her a ton of business with my eating and the rest of the missionaries. Lacking sleep can give you a bit of a short temper but I would hold it in. We were planning on having a baptism next week but that isn't going to work out. Things will all be done in the Lord's timing though. Lavurne and Felix are still doing really good! We are going to be praying about a specific date for them to be baptised. They are just really good friends with each other and come to church together. I need to get a picture with them. This next week I will get a picture and send it. Other than that I am going to be using P Day to rest a bit. I need to finish my lesson for District Meeting tomorrow too. I got in a bus this week and was in the front row and Elder Bingham called the bus for a bus stop where we usually and I just stared out the wind shield. He had to tell me to get out. I never thought sleeping in till 6:30 was such a luxury. We didn't get as many lessons done as we had planned this week but it's all about learning patience.
Love you all!
-Elder Brown

Street Sweeping Service

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