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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No Dr. Kyle here (Congrats Dr. Ceej)

Well this week started off alright and then about half way through people started avoiding us. That's how it has been getting now days but it's all about learning diligence. This week I had an amazing District Meeting. The Sister missionaries got to join us this time so it felt really cool. Women bring in a lot of light into the gospel. Sister missionaries are great! I taught about prophets and just how blessed we are to have a prophet even today. Although we can receive personal revelation it is really good to be able to receive revelation for the whole world. I often teach people that prophets are kinda like the middle man in our relationship with God. We can't see God or hear him right now and prophets are up on the wall talking to God and then telling us what he says. It is a simple diagram that I draw to show that. Then I without trying to be too sacrilegious said that I am going to play God so I hid behind the chalk board and no one could see me and then I would call Elders one by one to come meet me and I hid scriptures around the room and told them where they could find them. I taught the Gospel (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End). I really liked Enduring to the End because I shared D&C 14:7. It's really nice to have a modern prophet to teach us that. That next day I did a trade off with an Elder and went into his area and I must repent but I got into a good Bible bash. This guy kept telling us that prophets are not good at all and that God has no secrets. I told him simply to read Amos 3:7. I proved him wrong there and after a few minutes we left because he would not shut up and let us teach his brother. I really impressed the missionary I was with. That adrenaline you get when bashing is the closest thing to a roller coaster ride you can get. Some guy walked past us this week too and said we are the richest church in the world because we own Marriot Hotels. He didn't give me any time to explain that a member owns the hotels. He drove past us in his car a few minutes later and yelled "Richest church ever!" I replied "This explains why we are walking and you drive a car." Some people just don't even bother to learn our purpose. Something else we have noticed lately is that people really contradict themselves. Many people tell us that baptism can't save you but then they tell you that they are already saved. Really? I am not saved till the day I die. Please explain to me who that is that you are already saved. They don't give me any time to explain that baptism is the gateway to Heaven. God will force no man to Heaven. Later this week we went and saw our investigator Lavurne at the hospital because she got surgery on her Gall Blatter. I got freaked out. I think I hate medical stuff. I got all light headed and my legs were giving out and some people were singing in their beds and some people didn't have legs. We were there for only a few minutes and I almost threw up so I had to go get some fresh air outside. I hate medical stuff! Lately we have been getting tons of mangoes. I have been getting kinda sick of them to be honest. We get them for free just from everyone. Also an Elder in my District has been sick the past few days and we got to give him a Priesthood blessing. It was really nice to do. Elder Bingham gave the blessing and then a few minutes later Elder Pierson who we blessed barfed a few times. He got taken to the hospital during church. We didn't go see him plus I don't want to go to the hospital again. Also I feel bad because I have been forgetting tons of birthdays but I saved them on my calendar now so Happy Birthday Charlie! I can't believe how fast time flies by!
That's about all for this week.
The Phillips

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