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Monday, September 1, 2014

We are the Lord's hands today

Lately we have been trying to find ways to serve people and I think this week has had plenty of good opportunities. We went by to visit our friend Lincoln who is paralyzed and has been paralyzed for about 7 years. The bottom of his feet are still really bad looking and has to have his bandage changed about every day. He has a friend who does it for him and cleans the wounds. His friend had not come over yet and although I hate medical stuff I put some gloves on and cleaned the wound for him and changed the bandage. It really touched him. It was amazing to see. He told us afterwards that he knew we would go around and teach good things but now he knows that we actually DO good things. It was an amazing experience. It almost brought tears to all of our eyes but I don't like crying so I didn't cry. I talked about the story that President Utchdorf told some years back about the bombed city with the statute of Christ and they fixed the statue but they couldn't repair the hands. We are the Lord's hands today. Lincoln wants to be baptized is the vibe we are getting from him and I think it would be neat to do that. I know some day maybe when the branch is stronger or even sooner that he will be baptized. We also had a nice opportunity to serve a member by trimming her yard with cutlasses or as us Americans call them "Machete". We cut down trees but I have been having some medical conditions lately that have been making me tired pretty fast but it was nice to help. The Mission President flew in to St. Lucia today and is going to be helping fix the problems that are going on here. Yesterday was really creepy at church. At the end of Sacrament meeting we heard some screaming and we thought it was some dogs fighting at first. As the meeting ended we looked outside and saw a bunch of people looking into the water from the bridge. People were coming from everywhere looking to see this dead body in the water. From the stories we heard this old man went missing about 4 am and it sounds like it was a suicide. He was an older man who's wife had died a little while back and they believe he killed himself from depression. We saw some members who "Couldn't make it to church" but could make it to see a dead body. It was creepy to see the dead body when they finally got it out. His arms were sticking up. It was a big distraction for church but we kept going. Ambrose came to church and looks like he is right on the path to baptism for September 27th. I look forward to having a baptism this month in such a tough area. Well not much left to say but I love you all. Have a nice week!

Elder Kyle Joseph Brown

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