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Monday, July 28, 2014

"I Feel Light & Peace"

Well I have to say this week was long but I enjoyed it all. It was Elder Reyes's last week so he had been so trunky but we still went out and worked. We cleaned our old apartment some more and found some missionaries who cut the Bible into 3 pieces. Old Testament. New Testament and the Appendix. We are reconstructing it into 2 separate books. As some of you know 2 years ago my nephew Dylan passed away and I thought it was really going to hit hard. I have been so busy lately that I haven't thought too much about it but something neat happened this week. A member gave birth and we got to go see her baby at this hospital that they changed into a hospital from a stadium for sports. It was really neat. I have been thinking about teaching opportunities and how a question we often use is: Do you know anyone who has experienced a death or a birth recently? It's sad to see someone go and I had to face that 2 years ago and it had taken a long time to feel actually alright about that. Today I feel much better. I have talked about it with the mission president and my companion. Isn't it wonderful that we know someone who is already guaranteed Celestial glory? I look up to my Nephew Dylan and say he is a big motivation to even know about the Gospel. He has given me courage to go out and teach that I will see him again some day. I don't feel the bitter sorrow anymore. I feel light and peace. Sometimes it takes some time to recover and feel peace. I can't believe that 52 weeks ago I sent an email similar to this. As I look back then I see how much I have grown. It's sad to not see my nephew in any pictures. No new pictures I see from family look complete. I am so glad for the Plan of Salvation!
Well this week had been pretty funny. I bought some sunflower seeds and Caribbeans have no idea what it is usually and they just love the seeds. We taught some kids and if they would answer a question right then they get a seed. I have never seen kids want to say a prayer more in their life than that day for a seed. These seeds have brain control powers I think. Well big news today is that in a few days I get my new companion fresh from the states! I am training and District Leader! I am so excited and can't wait for this! I can't complain about this week at all. Thanks for all the love and support you all send!

Elder Kyle Joseph Brown

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