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Monday, October 13, 2014

Burning of the pants

Well not too much craziness happened this week other than hitting the big 18 month mark! It's all down hill from here. Of course I did some pants burning and they smelled really bad. I had this pair of pants from basically the time I left home. They were really raggy and I just didn't bother to ever wear them. They were a little small too. They surprisingly were actually pretty hard to get on fire too. Well I officially feel old now too. Time is really just going to fly by. Next month is my birthday and then December is Christmas and then it's 2015 and I will be headed home at the beginning of April. Three whole months when the year ends. I have made myself a little goal though. I want to get pictures with animals every week so I have been doing that since I got back here in Guyana. Our baptism date for Elizabeth is still going good. We have to teach really slow and repeat ourselves a lot. She didn't get a really good education so we are working hard to help her. We also are going to start covering another branch that we live next to. We have a lot of work we can do and we need more investigators. Just getting to the area where we usually work takes about 30 minutes by van ride. We have that area in between and even further. We are going to be planning days to be going to one area's branch and then other days in other branches. The branch we live next to has about less than 10 people going to church each week so we got a lot of work to do there. We only know one family there so we are going to have to work through them. My hair has grown pretty long as you can see with the bird in my hair. I am going to go get it cut after emails. Fast and testimony meeting was interesting. We had one of our.... Interesting members go up and bear his testimony about how the Dictionary is scripture. He called me out and asked me if that's right. I wonder what it will be like to be in a real fast and testimony meeting in 6 months. He also talked about D&C 132 about Joseph Smith and the wives. I went up after and bore my testimony using Ephesians chapter 4. I really like the book of Ephesians and how it talks about the organization of Christ's church. I talked about how it is such a blessing that today we have a prophet and apostles as we saw last week in conference. Well there is not much left to say other than we got a busy week this next week in getting to know our other area. Hopefully we get a car or something so we can cover tons of area. That probably won't happen plus it would probably make me lazy. Well I love you all and talk to you next week!

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