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Monday, October 27, 2014

Like the Guyanese Do

We got Elizabeth baptized on Saturday and for once I have to say that I was happy that I didn't baptize her. We did it in a "clean" trench but it was considered clean because it had no trash floating around in it. We also had Diwali this week and I did a trade off over in Rose Hall and it was pretty cool. I went into a Hindu Temple and it was a pretty interesting experience. People believe some interesting things. We didn't have many lessons this week because we prepared for the baptism and people were partying too much because of Diwali. There were plenty of fireworks and it was neat. We got a good amount of food for free but it was all sweets. The Caribbean is full of sweet things and sometimes I just want something savory to eat. I did get 7 curry for the first time just a few days before Diwali. I don't know all the 7 curries in it but some are pumpkin and chickpeas. Diwali is supposed to be vegetarian so there were no meats. I ate the 7 curry with my hands like the Guyanese do it. We are going to be focusing on another area named Bushlot now. They have like 13 people come to church a week. I raised Rosignol from about 30 to 60 in about the last transfer. I think the free chicken sign up thing is why a lot of people are coming to church though. They get free chickens to harvest and grow. In Bushlot we have the acting branch president who has a friend who wants to join the church and leave being a pastor behind and he wants to bring 5 other people with him into the church. I think Bushlot is about to boom. We had a goal for 5 baptisms this transfer but it might be possible that we go beyond that. Things are looking way positive and I hope that I get to make a positive report on that. I might finish up these last few transfers with a lot of success. Well not much left to say so I will talk to you all next week.

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