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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mormon Weekend vs Muslim Weekend

Well this weekend just kinda snuck up on me. For most of the week I didn't even think that Conference was coming. We had a busy week but not busy teaching wise. We had an apartment inspection and that surprisingly took up took the whole day because the Senior Couple didn't know where we live. We live way too far from our area and so we need to move more into our area. We found a nice place and look forward to moving in hopefully at the beginning of next month. Well a somewhat funny story is that we helped a member make a Skype account but the computer was being strange. It came time for him to make a password. He asked us what he should make his password. I told him something like his mom's name or his favorite color or Elder Brown is the best. His password was "Elderbrownbest123" I guess out here in Berbice they take things literally. Well this weekend was a Muslim holiday where they sacrifice bulls and then give meat to people. I got to eat some beef curry for lunch after the morning session of Sunday Conference. I didn't have to say a prayer to bless the food but I did anyways just to make sure the right God blessed it. I thought it was really funny because one of the talks that was on right before we went there was talking about how we don't need to make sacrifices anymore. We missed Priesthood session but I hope to download it and watch it some time soon. We live far from the church and it's hard to catch travel late at night. Priesthood ends at 10pm so we went to the church near our house but the internet was way too slow to watch conference. I saw all the conference except for Priesthood. Elder Bednar gave one of my favorite talks. I always want to hear talks that are directed to investigators because if it's all about the members then investigators are totally lost. I just envisioned the story he told about his sons with the band aids and laughed so much. That is why we share the Gospel though. We want others to feel good too. It really made me think about why I signed up for 2 years. Well not much left to say but I really enjoyed conference and here is a picture of the water I used to wash. This is before I put any clothes in it.
Elder Kyle Joseph

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