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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crazy vs Normal; What is normal?

Not too much happened this week. I guess Birthdays weeks are always better. We went and saw a member who came back from New York and asked her how it was there. As she was telling us all that she loved about it she wanted to get to know me. She asked how long I have been out and I just tell her "I go home in April." She replies "Oh so you are a Zone Leader?" Oh man stake to the heart. At least she didn't keep asking things like District Leader? It was funny because my companion just looks at me and laughs. Oh well that's not what it's all about. Later in the week we saw one of our baptismal candidates in Rosignol. He is a little crazy but then again out here who isn't crazy? In the middle of us teaching him about prophets he tells us that he used to be Hindu (Second time he told us) and that Jesus cured him of HIV. Funny enough he isn't the craziest person around. The members think he is normal too. He wants to be baptized so I guess we will just teach him and go through with it. We have another baptism hopefully coming up in Bushlot too. The lady needs to be married though. It will cost her about $35 US which out here is a lot of money. I just hope she will make that sacrifice because she really wants to be baptized. On Friday night I got really sick and had a throbbing headache/fever and all my joints were stiff and it hurt to even get up. I got my companion to do everything for me. I could not drink much because I would go to the bathroom and it would all come out. I stayed in whole day Saturday and most of Sunday. We went to church and I still felt sick I took some medication and had to do a weird diet of flat 7 up and saltine crackers and some probiotic yogurt. I could not get the medicine I needed out here so I just bought some Nyquil and some fever reducer. Being sick always makes you miss your mom. We went to the other branch too because one member (Who is actually pretty crazy and reads out of the dictionary for his testimony) went up to the stand and cursed at the branch president and his wife and just went crazy. I guess they took him to the police station but I don't know what to think of it. It's hard to find people who are a bit more normal. I am feeling much better now though but our budget for this week is way low. I decided to do a Ramen Noodle diet. I will have 2 packs of Ramen every day this week. They only have chicken flavor though so this will be interesting. I have actually been craving Ramen though. I will let you know how that diet goes next week!

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