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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fun Birthday

I never thought that Guyana could be so much fun! All the fun is in Georgetown though. I could not sleep knowing that I was about to be 21 though. I watched the clock till midnight. We got up at 4:30 am so that we could catch a ride with the rest of Berbice Zone to Georgetown. The Zone Leaders drove us all for a bit of a price. It's about a 2 hour drive to Georgetown though so we had some fun conversations. On the way to Georgetown something really freaky happened. A car came at us real fast swerving and almost hit us but as we got to the other side of the road this car hits a light post and jumps and spins a full 360 and then another 180 making the car face the opposite way. Looking out of the windshield and seeing that happen looked like something that happens on a movie. It really was a scary few minutes. We pulled over and saw the man just knocked out and the front tire is off. That car was totaled bad. The man was swollen in the face and bleeding a bit just from the initial contact. His girlfriend was freaking out in the passenger seat and got out unharmed. The adrenaline probably helped her feel no pain. People gathered around the smashed vehicle and I tried to tell them to leave the man alone. I have heard that you should NEVER take a body out of a crushed vehicle unless it's on fire or something, but a man went up the the guy going in and out of conscienceless and took off his gold chain. I don't know if the man stole the chain or what but then he took the body out of the car and put it on the side of the road. Another car came quickly and they loaded the two people in and they drove off somewhere fast. We didn't even stay as witnesses or anything but it was just a crazy thing that happened. It rained a lot on the way to town too so we drove really carefully and we were low on gas too. Finally we got to town and played some basketball at the church. I played some Domino with some other Elders and had a good time. Then we had some good trunky talk. We talked about favorite old video games. We had the big question be: Who is your favorite Smash Bros. Character? Fun talking with people. From there we went into town and went to OMG which is a steak house I have wanted to go to since I began here in Guyana. I had a steak for about $12 US and I have to say it was a decent steak. Nothing like a good old American one. The tab we made was a ton! We had like 16 Elders there so it was about over $100 US. Then we went to Brusters which is my all time favorite ice cream place in all of Guyana. From there we got back late and are going to email real quick so that's what I am doing now. Also we went to a store with a bunch of American electronics and games. I got to hold the iPhone 6 Plus. That thing is huge! I might just have to go with the iPhone 5 or just 6. Well tonight we are going to watch Mobsters and Mormons with our recent convert and some close families. The message will actually be good for the branch though. Without fellowship people will not become members of the church. Everyone needs to support people. We went to Bushlot branch yesterday and we had 20 people there. Not bad. Last week without us was 4 people. We discussed a branch activity and the people cared more about what we will eat than who we will bring. We need to get to work here. Lots of work in these two areas I got. Plenty of baptisms should be coming if we stay diligent.

Great idea for old car seats

Iphone 6+ (on a no shave birthday)

My birthday steak

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