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Monday, December 15, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well I am getting excited for the Christmas season but it sure does not get cold for Christmas. I just wish it would get a little colder here. It's an endless summer. It's kinda a bummer that I get home just in time for summer. Well it has been a bit of a bummer because everyone seems to be avoiding us lately. Christmas time is always pretty hard but it makes me pretty happy to know that next year I am going to be enjoying a nice Christmas. I will probably treat the missionaries to a nice Christmas as well. We had a few funny moments this week in teaching people and they funny things they say. While teaching some age 40+ people we tried to teach them about the prophets. I showed them out of my little Bible I got the books of the Bible. I ask them: Now who wrote the book of Joshua? The lady replies to me "No one really knows you know." Elder Palavi had to answer for me. Then we ask who wrote Samuel and they tell us thinking they are all smart "Samuel!" And I go on to teach them that some books aren't named after the people "Like Psalms was written by-" She interrupts and yells "Written by Psalm!" Close it was by David. People are so funny. Well big news but not so much for me. The mission is getting split this upcoming summer. I will be enjoying myself but from the sounds of it Guyana and Trinidad with Suriname and French Guyana will be a mission with some islands up by St. Marten and then there will be a mission of the islands like Barbados and St. Vincent and so on. Well some more spiritual part of our week would be the message we have been going out and sharing. The church is doing the #ShareTheGift project and we have been teaching people about that. We have focused on charity and how that is the "Pure Love Of Christ" (Moroni 7) and we ask how we as members of the church can share the gift. It is really cool seeing how people are going to share the gift. There would be no Christmas without an Easter. I somehow forgot my planner back at the apartment so I forgot most of my good stories this week. Little Tarzan peed on me like 3 times because I scared him when I woke him up. So I shoved a banana in his face. Cute little monkey but man he can pee. Well that's about all I have got to say for this week. I am excited for Christmas and trying to keep myself untrunky. It's the most trunkiest time of the year. I will send pictures next week of the branch Christmas parties. It should be a blast!

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