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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Berbice Warrior

Next Year I'll be listening to this CD with my family remembering my days here

we ran out of propane and had to cook outside

Leftover Turkey Curry

Animal of the week

Thanksgiving dinner

2nd animal of the week

Well being out here in Rosignol it seems like we don't get much support as I always say. Well 2 big bummers happened this week. We ran out of gas for our stove because it has been leaking and it seems like our washer has a slow leak so washing clothes has been no fun. As result of having no gas we decided to do it camping style. We took an oven rack and we made a fire. I made turkey curry because last Monday we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner in Georgetown with all the missionaries in Guyana. We ate till our bellies bust as they would say in the West Indies. At the end they asked "Who wants leftovers?" I ran into the kitchen without hesitation. I am tired of hot dogs, raman, and mac and cheese. We got to pack some pretty big bags with food. I eat that crappy food because they don't really sell anything good out here. Stores are a joke in Rosignol. We had Thanksgiving with this family who is LDS and works at the embassy. They had the cutest little white kids to play with and they just loved having us there. It got me ready to see my nieces and nephews again. Well I curried some turkey and some ashes got into it but it was still probably the best curry I ever made. I used masala this time and I think that's the key to a good curry. Then we had old white rice (so much better than the brown rice here) and I picked through the bugs and made some rice on the fire too. I liked it a lot. I am ready to make curry when I get home! So something that made me really cringe the other day was hitting a puppy. We always see dead dogs on the side of the road. I wonder sometimes if the dog just decides to end it all because life as a Guyana dog sucks. We were going down a road at night and the driver saw the puppy last minute. I was in the passenger side of the van and he tried to maneuver and get the puppy to be in middle of the car when we go over it but the puppy freaked out and I felt a little bump. It made me cringe. We had to turn around after a minute because he was picking someone up and we see the puppy having some kind of seizure in the road. Well things are getting tough. Jack wants to be baptized but he doesn't come to church. He is a little crazy though. We went to Rosignol branch this week and had a good amount of people but no investigators. Bushlot had 10 people because we didn't come. No investigators either. Balancing both branches is tiring and hard. Well we got our transfer calls and Elder Palavi is staying with me for a 3rd transfer. This is the first time I have ever spent 3 transfers with someone. I will have 2 transfers left and I requested that I go back to my first area in Diamond so I got my fingers crossed hard! Welp see ya later!

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