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Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Monkey

This week has been overall pretty enjoyable. Bushlot branch is still being hard for us but I bore my testimony in fast and testimony meeting about home teaching and visiting teaching. There were only 13 people there which is kinda average but we have gotten almost 30 people there before. It's because a ton of weddings happened this weekend. There was a big Hindu one that happened in Rosignol and we went at night to go get free 7 curry. This is my second time having it so I enjoyed it. Elder Palavi usually eats faster than me and finishes eating first but I ate mine pretty fast. It's wrapped up in a big leaf and it's cool to eat it with your hands. Well there were some Hindu people that we would pass by every so often and want to see their monkey. I took pictures with it a few weeks ago. We passed by and they called us in and just handed us the monkey and said "Here ya go." They weren't drunk or high or anything. I heard from the neighbors that they gave it to us because they heard monkeys have Ebola. Kinda funny that they gave it to us then. We can't have pets because it's against mission rules so we gave it to some members. They want to call him Caesar like from Planet of the Apes. I call him Tarzan. I will be darned if I do not just love this monkey though! He is so cute and cuddly. The Ramnoff family fed us last night and I wanted to sit next to little Tarzan and as soon as he saw I had a plate of food he stands up tall on his feet kinda like Libby would do. He is so cute! He doesn't bite unless you have him up past his bed time (Which we did) and if you tease him too much. I want to get him his shots and all that and take him home but I can probably guess what mom and dad are going to say in the next email. It is really nice seeing this family love the monkey so much though. The kids just play with him all day and they take him everywhere. If I can't have him I am glad that they can have him. Monkeys are cheap here though. Only $25 US for one. Well onto actual missionary work now. Jack is just not progressing. No matter how many times we tell him to come to church he just won't come. He is a bit crazy so we will probably drop him if he doesn't come to church this week. We have him scheduled to get baptized on the 27th. Shannon's husband has been so busy lately but we finally got to meet with him again yesterday. We taught the restoration to him and he is going to prepare for December 27th. We taught him the restoration so simply that even he can tell us it in 5 seconds. We just gotta get him to get to church too. He is awesome and has the desire to get baptized so we are praying and fasting for him. Well not much left to say but I hope to hear from you next week!

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