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Monday, January 12, 2015

Go Get Em Cowboys

Well this week my buddy/District Leader, Elder Jacobson taught something pretty interesting. In district meeting we talked mainly about following up. We need to stop giving out meaningless commitments and need too follow up the next day either in person or by calling them. We need to encourage our investigators like coaches do when you work hard. Elder Larson who is one of the Zone Leaders made a mention to how he had 2 tennis coaches once. One was really quiet and the other one would acknowledge everything good that he would do. We need to be proud of our investigators. Lately we have been trying to get our members in the Rosignol Branch to help us. We are teaching most of them how to actually teach the Restoration. Now a question to ask all the members of the church back at home. I am sure you know the Restoration, but do you know how to teach it? It can be pretty simple. Study out of Preach My Gospel this week and work with the missionaries. Maybe ask them if they can teach you how to teach. It's actually pretty fun and easy. This week we had a nice opportunity to serve a member. Sister Persaud had a pile of mud/sand that she needed moved into her yard to fertilize her garden. I was pretty sore after but I gotta be honest I think I am going to work out a bit more when I get home. Gotta keep the weight good and keep away from the Twinkies. The transfer just ended and after 3 transfers (4.5 months) with my good buddy Elder Palavi I will be getting my next Polynesian. This one right from Tonga and he came out with Elder Palavi so he might need to learn English a bit more. I look forward to it though. 2 transfers left! Don't get trunky! This past week we also had a Zone Conference and it really hit me. They talked about being strictly and exactly obedient. No cutting edges. Being close to home sometimes you cut a few corners to be honest. Sometimes I don't shave every day and it's kinda normal out here in Berbice. Guyana is Men's Country. Berbice is the manliest. President Mehr related obedience to building a home. He has worked a lot as a construction guy so he taught us a lot. He said that if the person we build for asks for a certain floor but you get one that looks like it for cheaper you are not being obedient. It was a real shocker when he said at the end of building the house the person throws us the keys after we built their house and tells us that it's all ours now. That is how it is. We build our own kingdom. Don't make shortcuts there. Also since we run 2 branches President Mehr called us cowboys and said that we get to make callings for people. We basically run the church here in the branches. There is this one street we have been working on in Rosignol but it's next to a church so a lot of people just kinda brush us off. One lady we found seemed not too promising but we met up with her even after I had the feeling that she would just brush us off and we taught her anyways. She is really smart and understood the Restoration really well! Her name is Rishma and she wants to come to church but she didn't come this week because she was too busy. We are going to take a member by on Thursday and get her fellowship. The same day we talked to one of my recent converts and we know the neighbors and one of them likes us. She is a 14 year old girl named Akeela and she already wants to be baptized for Bush Lot branch. We just gotta get her to church. It's hard regulating who gets to church when we cover 2 branches. I feel like Spider-Man on the first Spider-Man movie where the Green Goblin was holding Mary Jane and all the civilians and the Green Goblin drops them both. I was sustained as the Branch Secretary for Bush Lot branch when I didn't even go there. At least they told me before hand. It's pretty funny because I was basically already doing all that stuff. I am getting to know how to use MLS which is supposed to be pretty confidential but no one in Berbice (with the acceptation of a few branch presidents here and there) knows how to use MLS. I also met a nice Polish Jehovah's Witness couple. They both had the iPhone 6 Plus and asked me to take a picture for them with the Guyana scenery. About nothing else could get me more trunky than holding that phone! We talked a little about religion but as usual they were not interested. Really nice people though. One Indian lady was asking Elder Palavi all about Australia and she asks what fruit they have there. In the Caribbean they don't have strawberries so if you even mention it they go all crazy. He mentions that they have that and she gets weird and shakes her body and says "OOOOOH MOUTH WATERING!" We both looked at each other trying not to laugh. Well that's about all for my fun nice week. Guyana is great and I gotta say I will miss it soon enough.

P.S. I got alligator meat I am going to cook once I get propane AGAIN!

Some pictures from Zone Conference and stuff.

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